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Physical Education (PE)


In order to have healthy bodies, the enjoyment of physical activity is vital. Being fit and healthy will lead to a more positive mindset and a healthy mind. At Norman Pannell it is of great importance to us that our children are active and have a wide range of opportunities available to them which promote a lifelong love for sport and healthy activity. We believe that physical education is for everybody and we provide this through an inclusive curriculum and competitions for all children. Essentially, our curriculum teaches team work and critical thinking skills that are then transferrable in other subjects. We aim to offer children experiences outside of the classroom that promote building resilience, overcoming fears and teach risk in a safe way. In addition to the PE Curriculum, our children are offered a whole range of extra-curricular provision centred around sport and we work with local sporting clubs to signpost children and parents to opportunities beyond the school environment.


We do the following in order to deliver our curriculum in PE:

  • Every class teaches 2 hours of discreet PE per week. Some of this time is taught by highly skilled, professional coaches.
  • We do not follow a specific scheme in PE, instead we have designed a spiral and progressive curriculum that delivers: Gymnastics, Dance, Invasion Games, Net Games, Striking and Fielding and Athletics. There is also a heavy emphasis of games and use of balls in KS1.
  • In addition to the above, all of our children are offered 6 weeks of swimming lessons from Year 2-6.
  • Opportunities for competition amongst peers and classes is also build into our weekly curriculum
  • For the children in Year 6 who have still not met the expected standard (25 metres) in swimming, they are offered Top up sessions in June to help close the gap.
  • Every year all children in Year 2-6 have the opportunity to attend a two night residential which focuses on Adventurous Outdoor Education.
  • In addition to the curriculum offer, every child is given the opportunity to participate in a competition against other schools through our LSSP Competitions package.
  • All children in the whole school are offered the opportunity to attend many Extra-Curricular sports clubs that take place after school. Our current offer is Football, Dodgeball and Multi-skills. These are free of charge to ensure they are accessible for all children.
  • Our Reception Children take part in a 6 week ‘Balance ability’ course which teaches them how to ride a bike. Year 5 and 6 are annually offered Level 1 and 2 Bike Ability which teaches the children how to ride safely on the roads.
  • Our playground is designed for ‘Active Play’ which includes a mapped out daily mile, obstacle courses and playground leaders, leading games and activities using a variety of equipment daily.

PE Curriculum Overview 2022-2023

Impact:  (This data is from Pre- Covid- will be updated when new data collected)

  • 100% children from Year 1-6 involved in an assembly to celebrate PE and Sport during the year.
  • Achievement of the SG Mark (Gold Award)
  • 80% of pupils who can swim 25m, use a range of stroke effectively,
  • 100% of children from Y2-6 performed self-rescue (LCC Schools Swimming team data) and also completed a water safety course.
  • 88.4% of children from Year 1-6 took part in an extra-curricular activity throughout the year.
  • 56 children qualified for children’s university.
  • All Year 5 were trained as playground leaders and received their certification.
  • 24 Year 5 and 6 pupils gained Level 1 and 2 Bike Ability awards.


Competition data- (Pre Covid)

P.E Policy

PE Sports Funding 2020-21