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Welcome to Nursery!


In our Nursery class Miss McCallion is the Teacher and Miss Sarah is the Nursery Nurse.


In Nursery we love to learn both indoors and outdoors! We have lots of opportunities to learn through active play, investigation, stories and much more! The children have settled in very quickly over the last few weeks.


Each half term we plan based on a different topic. The topics are child led and planning reflects the interests of the children. We use themes to inspire the children. Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Nursery over the year. Each half term, a shorter medium term plan will be added so you know what your child will be learning over a half term period!


Applying for Reception


This link will take you to the website to apply for your child's Reception place. Follow each of the steps to register your child.

Party Day 13.7.18


What an amazing day!! Our day began by having our faces painted by the wonderful Emma! She made the children into Spidermen, butterflies, Ninja Turtles and lots more! We then met some fantastic animals from 'Animals take over'. All of the children had the opportunity to look at or hold a python, hedgehog, sugar gliders, a chinchilla, ferret, rabbit, bearded dragon and an owl! After dinner we had some fantastic party songs and games with Sarah and a lovely plate of party food!

Early Years Sports Day 2.7.18


We had a fantastic afternoon for our Sports Day ~ the children were absolutely fantastic in all of the events!

Summer & Transport


Our topic for the final half term is Summer and Transport. This week we have focused on what happens during the summer season. We made different ice cream flavours at the Dough table, drawn what we would take in our suitcases, enjoyed the sunny weather and lots more!



Today we made our own sausage rolls. We wrapped sausage in puff pastry, creased the edges with a fork and brushed some milk on top. They looked delicious!

Growing 15.5.18


It's all happening in Nursery this week! The baby robins have hatched 🐣 , our caterpillars have transformed to butterflies 🦋 and we now have some lovely little froglets 🐸 hopping around 😊

Outdoor play



This week, we are focusing on the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' as part of our growing topic to find out about the life cycle of a ladybird. Today we made delicious ladybird biscuits :)

Tweet tweet!!


This afternoon, Miss Jade got a fright when a bird flew right at her from the hood of a waterproof coat! Upon closer inspection, we found a perfect little birds nest inside the hood with 6 little eggs inside 😀 We decided they look like chocolate mini eggs but we'll not taste them just in case! We'll keep an eye on the eggs and hope we can see some little birds hatching!

Growing frogs!


Our topic this week has been the life cycle of a frog. We have been lucky enough to be given some frogspawn by a parent that we can watch and help to grow. We have lots of little tadpoles and soon to be froglets! We have made our own frogspawn jelly this week, mixed colours to paint frogs, learnt 2 new frog life cycle songs and lots more!


We have also been very interested in creating our own beauty salon this week, specialising in hair and face paint! The children have been booking appointments on the phone, creating hair and make up looks as well as using a calculator to charge customers :)

Nurserys got Talent!


This afternoon in nursery was like a scene from Britains got Talent! Some children wanted to build a stage to sing and soon most of the class were involved as the audience and performers! The children sang all their favourites from nursery rhymes to Frozen to the planet songs! It's so lovely to see the confidence of the children developing day by day.


Easter Egg Hunt!


Nursery want to say a huge thank you to the PTA for their Easter egg hunt! We had a fantastic time searching for the clues and were so excited to find an Easter egg for everyone at the end!



Our topic this half-term is 'Space'. This week, we have read the story 'Goodnight Spacemen' to introduce the topic. We have been leaning planet songs, counting planets/stars, writing in moon dust, creating with galaxy play dough and lots more! Today we mixed blue and green icing to make Planet Earth biscuits :)



Chinese New Year 


Today we tried some Chinese foods as we have been talking about Chinese New Year this week. We had vegetable and duck spring rolls, rice, prawn toast and prawn crackers!

Our School Trip


We had a fantastic day today on our People who help us school trip! In Morrison’s we saw lots of busy workers doing different jobs! We saw the fishmongers who showed us some large fish and even an octopus! We saw bakers, butchers and cashiers! The children enjoyed buying all the items from our shopping list to make cupcakes in school tomorrow :)


At the fire station we spoke to some different fire fighters about their jobs! The firefighters showed us the engines and all the tools they have and they even let the children get inside! To finish off, we all had a turn at spraying water from the hose!



Today we made traffic light pizzas! We hadid a tomato red light for stop, a yellow sweetcorn light for get ready and a green courgette light for go! The children thought they were delicious!

We LOVE gymnastics!!

People who help us 

Our topic for the first Spring half term is people who help us. This week we have been talking about how our family help us at home. Today we have made cards to say a big thank you to someone special at home.


Maths Breakfast

We had a lovely morning with our families for our maths breakfast! We enjoyed showing you how we learn our numbers, shapes, colours and more!

Imagine that 15.11.17

Happy Birthday Fred!

On Friday it was Fred the ted's 4th Birthday! We prepared for his party all week by making birthday cards, writing invitations,  wrapping presents and making cakes! We celebrated with Fred on Friday with a lovely surprise party!



We have been improving on our Gymnastics skills with Mr Shard each week. We can balance forwards and backwards on the bench and can even climb using the climbing apparatus! 

Look at our delicious cupcakes!




Each day we will have a phonics session where we learn about different sounds! This wee we have started off by using instruments to make sounds and listening to different environmental and animal sounds. We made dough for our 'dough disco' session which helps us with our fine motor skills to become writers!

We love our families!


We have had a fantastic week talking about our families. We have been drawing and painting our family members, acting like a family in the home corner, building houses, counting our brothers and sisters and lots more!

Our First Week!


We have had a fantastic first week in Nursery. The children have all already become great friends and have enjoyed lots of activities together. We have been learning our nursery rhymes, playing lots of number games and have been doing phonics activities each day. We have also enjoyed creating at the craft and dough tables and using our imaginations in the role-play and small world areas. Have a look at our fantastic photos below!



Every Friday we are lucky enough to have Mr Shard teach us some gymnastics skills! This week we have started off learning about different shapes, balances and movements. Look at our wonderful photos below.