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Remote learning resources (learning from home during class isolation)

Children! here is a short quiz for you to take! I will see all the results!! How exciting. You may need mummy or daddy to help you read the questions! 

This page will be updated weekly between Monday 5th and Friday 16th October with new tasks and instructions to help your child's learning.


The following activities are available below electronically.  Many parents have told us that they would prefer paper packs, or at least have paper packs in conjunction with online tasks.  These paper packs will be available from Tuesday 6th October.  Please pick up from the school office if you are able to do so, or contact school if you are NOT able to pick up and we will arrange delivery as soon as we can.

An overview of daily work for phonics/Literacy/Maths/Topic

Resource needed for Topic (WEEK ONE)

An overview of daily work for phonics/ Literacy/Maths/Topic for WEEK TWO

Resources needed for daily Maths/Topic WEEK TWO