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Remote Learning Page (resources for class during lockdown)

This page can be used for regular songs, videos and activities to be used with the children each day. In Nursery we sing the day of the week song each day. We also sing the months of the year and talk about the weather. I will update this page on a regular basis with different activities to try whenever you want. As Nursery is mainly learning through play. It is good to get a balance of educational opportunities such as name writing, numbers, shapes and finger gym style activities accompanied by opportunities for play and developing the imagination. I will update Google Classrooms daily with educational activities, I will also aim to meet with the children via zoom or google meets to read stories and check on how they are doing. Keep safe and any issues do not hesitate to contact me on the contact form on the Nursery Class page.



Here is a video to watch about what a cold is. Watch Dr Ranj explain how we catch colds and how to stop the spread of the virus. There is then an online quiz for you to try with the help of an adult at home.