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Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy futures


At the beginning of every academic year each Key Stage 2 class conduct a democratic election to appoint two representatives to the school council.  This process allows all children to experience the British Value of democracy in action.  The representatives for each class will speak to the other children about issues that matter to them.  These will then be brought forward to and discussed during council meetings.



When: Wednesday lunch time

Open meetings: These will be held the first Wednesday of each half term (please let your class representative know if you would like to attend)


Members of the school community we have met with this year so far:

Charlie Coyne (Chair of governors)

Mr Simpson

Mrs Denton

We are currently working on:


A fruit stall for break times

A bin for the top yard

Our achievements

Great Norman Pannell Bake Off

Thank you to all the amazing creations that you sent into school on Friday! We were blown away by the efforts from you all and raised a massive £133

Winners will receive awards at Thursday's celebration assembly!


Enjoy the photographs

School Council pictures