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Welcome to our Reception Class

In our Reception Class you will find the teacher called Miss Gold and the Learning Support Assistants called Miss Ashley and Miss Rita. Miss Jade is in our class as a 1-2-1 support. We are all so excited in getting to know the new Reception class and continuing our Learning Journey.

* Please don’t forget to look at the Reception door for updates!

* Please don’t forget your £1 cooking/snack money every week.

* Please don’t forget your book bags.


Welcome to Reception in Norman Pannell Primary school where we love to learn both indoors and outdoors! We have lots of opportunities to learn though active play, investigations, stories and visits and the children have settled in very quickly and are ready to learn no.


We strive to ignite children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive! Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Reception over the year. Each term, a shorter medium term plan will be added so that you know what your child will be learning over a half term period!


If you have any questions, worries or just 'news' please let one of the Reception staff know!


Party Day in the Early Years: Animal workshop, face painting, party entertainer and food! (13.7.18)

Maths breakfast with parents (25.6.18)

PTA Festival Day (7.6.18)

Our new mud kitchen...Let's get messy!! (7.6.18)

Our baby robins are week on...! (23.5.18)

An eventful few days: Butterflies fly off, baking piggie cakes, visitors from Widnes Vikings and a Wedding Lunch! (17.5.18)

We have butterflies!! (15.5.18)

The baby robins have's so exciting! (15.5.18)

Reading breakfast this morning! Thank you for coming ~ (11.5.18)

Visitors in our Changing area, Getting busy in the base! (10.5.18)

We were surprised to see that we had some unusual visitors this week in our outdoor changing area! We found a nest with about 6 eggs in it! A few days later we also noticed that a robin was keeping the eggs warm....Fingers crossed for some baby chicks over the next week or so...


This week in class we have been painting flowers, planting our own sunflower seeds (competition!) and also just generally getting 'busy'! We have been problem solving in maths. Looking to find the 'odd one out' knowing that there is no right/wrong answer but having to explain our reasons.


As usual we have had a fun filled week of new learning and having fun!

3D shapes and making our Trolls! (3.5.18)

Trolls, Caterpillars and Dental Hygiene! (26.4.18)

We had a very busy week last week as we gained some class 'pets'! Five caterpillars arrived in class so that we can watch them transform into butterflies. Currently they are getting fatter by the day!


As we are learning about 'Trolls' we also made our own biscuits. We baked them in the morning and then in the afternoon we used Candy Floss for the Troll's hair! We had to choose between pink, blue or white candy floss! They were delicious no


Finally on Friday, Sue from Bellevale Children's Centre came to explain to parents and children the importance of dental hygiene. We need to clean our teeth twice a day ~ and be careful of the hidden sugars in our food and drinks. Many parents who came also watched our morning phonics lesson....allowing the children to show parents just how amazing they are at reading and writing!

Let's fly away! Flying to London..... (22.3.18)

Easter Craft at Christ Church (21.3.18)

Let's paint on a Monday morning! (12.3.18)

Balance-Ability and Mother's Day Cards! (7.3.18)

World Book Day 2018: Year 6 came to visit Reception and read with them! (1.3.18)

Ladybird biscuits (8.2.18)

This week we have been reading a book called "What the ladybird heard" by Julia Donaldson. So for cooking today we made ladybird biscuits. After spreading the red icing on the biscuit, the children then rolled a dice to see how many spots their ladybird would have.

After that, they came and wrote speech bubbles around the picture of the ladybird. All in a good day's work! smiley



Making Potato Heads for Mental Health Week (21.2.18)

Rock Kidz (all week 19.2.18)

Massage in Reception on a Monday morning! (5.2.18)

An amazing school trip admiring our Liverpool Landmarks! (2.2.18)

We have had a busy month in Reception and we have covered so much in the last four weeks! We have finished 'Tangled' now and the children's work is fantastic! A brand new display is up in our classroom including character description, making lanterns, making Rapunzel biscuits and also sequencing the story!

In maths we have been working hard with our numbers and ordering. Look at our number biscuits that we made today (31.1.18).

The afternoons have been taken up with learning about our Liverpool Landmarks and this will be consolidated with our school trip on Friday (2.2.18) with our walkabout around Liverpool City Centre.


Mmmm I wonder if February will be as busy....?

A busy January 2018....Look and see what we have done! (31.1.18)

Rapunzel Biscuits! (18.1.18)

Every Wednesday, Glen will be coming in to teach our children how to use a bike to 'balance'. This is to improve balance techniques for your children and also how to learn to ride a bike without stabilisers! This is a 6 week project and the Reception children are very lucky to be a part of this project! All children are involved in this no

Gymnastics ~ Let's have some fun with Mr Keegan..! (12.1.18)

Traffic Light Pizzas....! (11.1.18)

Nativity and Christmas Hat Parade! A busy but fun day had by all...! (19.12.17)

What did Elton the Elf get up to last week in class?? (15.12.17)

Mrs Brown comes in to tell Reception the story of the Nativity... (12.12.17)

Let's celebrate Chanukah with menorah lighting and donuts! (12.12.17)

Mark Making with Big Chalk on our classroom floor! (11.12.17)

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!! (8.12.17)

Superhero Elton....How did he get up there? ;0) (8.12.17)

Our Reindeer cakes ! Thursday Baking in Reception (7.12.17)

Uh oh! Who put toothpaste all over Ramble?? Poor Ramble........! (7.12.17)

Superheroes...'Let's save the day!' (6.12.17)

Santa Dash! (6.12.17)

Elton hangs from Miss Gold's silly sock....tut! tut! (6.12.17)

Elton the Elf eats our chocolate and then goes onto the 'time out chair'... Silly Sock Day (5.12.17)

Elton the Elf: Tied up by Dinosaurs.... (4.12.17)

Elton the Elf is back; watching Reception for Father Christmas! (1.12.17)

Making Cheese Pasties and writing our names (30.11.17)

Reception Maths Morning....maths activities with our parents/carers! (20.11.17)

Our designer balls! (10.11.17)

Last Friday we made our paper mache balls, with our parents! This week was all about letting them dry out and then creating our 'designer balls'. Here is the finished product! They are so amazing that we decided to hang them from our ceiling!! The children made all sorts of designer balls from: feather ball, glitter ball, face ball, cotton wool ball.....and more!


On Thursday we made peppermint cream balls that we flattened! Some of them were dipped in chocolate (they were delicious).


Next week we will be making our own non fiction book on balls ~ very exciting...smiley

Messy Morning - Paper Mache Balls - and Panto!! (3.11.17)

Fireworks pictures...(31.10.17)

Trying new foods in class: rice cakes, popadums, mango chutney, prawn crackers and naan bread! (20.10.17)

Meeting a Firefighter and an Author (People who help us) 19.10.17

Making 'Batmobiles' and numbering our fingers! (17.10.17)

A messy Pumpkin week....(9.10.17)

We have been ever so busy in Reception this week! The children have been exploring and investigating pumpkins. They have been using hammers and scrapers and scoopers to pull the pumpkins apart! They noticed that the pumpkins were hard on the outside but lovely and fleshy on the inside ~ soft enough to scoop with hands! Some children even tried to count the number of pips frown


We are still painting pinecones and we have been looking and numbers and size this week...what is bigger and smaller than ourselves, for example.


The Gruffalo has been in our classroom this week and we have been learning about characters, settings and story plots....our phonics is helping us match initial sounds to the animals no


In the afternoon we have continued talking about 'Ourselves' and our favourite things.  We tasted crisps (without knowing the flavours) to decide which is our favourite flavour! Surprisingly, prawn cocktail won and ready salted was the least popular in class! We also talked about the difference between 'noise' and 'sounds'....


Tomorrow we are baking different flavoured flapjacks: syrup, cinnamon, raisins and chocolate. Yum! Yum!

Thank you for coming to our first Stay&Play today! (6.10.17)

Little Red Riding Hood pops in for a Q&A session with Reception! (4.10.17)

A new week! so much has happened already...the Wolf is coming to stay....and new things to investigate in class...(2.10.17)

Calderstones Park ~ School Trip #1 (29.9.17)

Well it's been an exciting week in Reception starting with a Crime Scene on Monday morning...the children made lots of assumptions on who it may have been who killed the wolf (including our very own Miss Rita!) but having weighed up the clues realised it was Little Red Riding Hood!

Lots of shape work has taken place too this week; inside and outside the classroom. We have also been cooking, tasting honey and had a great time on our first of many school trips smiley

Ready! Steady! Bake! (28.9.17)

Basic Woodwork in Reception.....bang! bang! bang!

Shape Hunt around the Playground (25.9.17)

Crime Scene in Reception today....who did it? (25.9.17)

When we arrived in class today there was a Crime Scene awaiting us! There were cream cakes scattered on the floor, there was a saw with 'blood' on it (which the children decided was actually red paint!!), a marking out of an animal, lots of 'yellow' thick hair was stuck in the door and poison on the floor.....


The police phoned us for help to try and discover 'Who was it?'. We had some great ideas from Miss Rita (who loves her cream cakes!), a wolf vampire, Goldilocks and a ghost monster!


We had a lot of fun with this today and tomorrow this will lead into our new book...

Let's get busy....(20.9.17)

The display we have done this week! 'Bucket Fillers' and 'This is me' (15.9.17)

We have had a busy first week in Reception. All the children have settled in nicely and work has started! This week we have been learning about how to be a 'Bucket Filler' and not a 'Bucket Dipper'. To be a Bucket Dipper we need to be nice, kind and use our manners all the time. The children did a display for outside our classroom to help remind them of all the nice things they need to be doing all the time!

We also drew our faces by looking in a mirror and then using charcoal on white paper! The display is up in our classroom and it looks great!

Next week we will be starting our phonics: /s/ /a/ /t/ /p/ sounds..... and we will be 'hunting' in Literacy!

Have a good weekend!

Exploring the Reading Garden