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Year 3

Year 3 Summer Home Learning

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a free platform which is accessible on any device including mobiles. There are no sign ups or logins required. Oak offers pupils online lessons and resources. The lessons are structured in a series of 'building blocks' and contain a starter quiz, finishing quiz and an activity.  Each session contains a pre-recorded video lesson taught by a teacher.


All lessons are available now and over the summer to catch up on any missed learning. Below, are links to some of the key objectives that need to be covered.


Year 3 Angles and Shape


Lesson 1 - To identify and recognise angles


Lesson 2 - To identify angles inside 2-D shapes


Lesson 3 - To recognise right angles


Lesson 4 – To recognise obtuse and acute angles


Lesson 5 - To revise angles


Lesson 6 – To identify perpendicular lines


Lesson 7 - To draw perpendicular lines


Lesson 8 - To identify and explain parallel lines


Lesson 9 – To revise parallel and perpendicular lines


Lesson 10 - To identify rectangles including squares


Lesson 11 – To describe 2-D shapes based on their properties


Lesson 12 - To draw 2-D shapes based on their properties


Lesson 13 - To describe the properties of 3D shapes


Lesson 14 - To identify and describe symmetry in 2D shapes


Lesson 15 - To revise shapes



Year 3  Measure


Lesson 1 – Measure: To read a scale


Lesson 2 – Measure: To read mass on a scale


Lesson 3 - Measure: To compare mass




Lesson 1 – Develop an understanding of clocks


Lesson 2 – Tell the time to 5-minute intervals on an analogue clock


Lesson 3 - Tell the time to 1-minute intervals on an analogue clock (past the hour)


Lesson 4 - Tell the time to 1-minute intervals on an analogue clock (to the hour)




Lesson 1 - Ordering mass


Lesson 2 - Add and subtract mass


Lesson 3 - Solve problems involving mass


Lesson 4 - Read a scale


Lesson 5 - Read capacity and volume


Lesson 6 - Compare capacity and volume


Lesson 7 - Ordering capacity and volume


Lesson 8 - Add and subtract capacity and volume


Lesson 9 - Solve problems involving capacity and volume


Lesson 10 - Estimate mass and capacity




Dear Parents / Carers,

Following government advice Norman Pannell remains open at this time.  We will continue to inform parents and carers of any updates we receive. Please see below for useful websites, links to home learning and resources to be used while Year 3 children are in self isolation, social distancing or in the event of school closure.

Spelling- read all of the Year 3/4 statutory words, spell out loud and write them down.

Welcome to Year 3


Hello and welcome to the Year 3 class page! Our teacher is Mr Stenson, with Miss Haggerty as our teaching assistant. We also have Miss Goffey as a 1:1.


P.E this term is dance on Monday with Jess from LSSP and atheltics / basketball on Thursday with Mr Stenson. We try and do the Daily Mile as much as possible too, so suggest the children bring their trainers / pumps regularly. 


Reading books will be sent home daily, to be brought in the next day. This is a key focus for Year 3, please ensure your child reads regularly.


Homework will be given out every Friday, to be handed in no later than the following Wednesday


Use the link below to keep up to date with pictures of our class.

The children can also access TT Rockstars and Reading Plus (site code rpnpannell) at home.

Thank you for your continued support.