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Welcome to Nursery!


In our Nursery class Miss McCallion is the Teacher and Mrs Whitfield is the Nursery Nurse.


In Nursery we love to learn both indoors and outdoors! We have lots of opportunities to learn through active play, investigation, stories and much more! The children have settled in very quickly over the last few weeks.


Each half term we plan based on a different topic. The topics are child led and planning reflects the interests of the children. We use themes to inspire the children. Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Nursery over the year. Each half term, a shorter medium term plan will be added so you know what your child will be learning over a half term period!

Applying for Reception


This link will take you to the website to apply for your child's Reception place. Follow each of the steps to register your child.

Nursery Newsletters


Have a look at our weekly Nursery newsletter to find out about all of the exciting activities we have completed in Nursery each week!


WOW! You're a Star!

Please take some time to look at our 'WOW! You're a Star' page. You can use this to share with us any exciting WOW moments that you're child has at home.


Your child may have ...

  • Helped at home, been a good friend, been kind
  • Learnt something new … how to swim, ride a bike, a new dance
  • Read a favourite story with you, grandparent, or at the library
  • Had a good idea, been on a visit, or made something.


You can print this document off, fill it in, share with us and we will talk about the WOW moment in class to make it extra special! I also have printed copies of this document, if you would like some, please ask!

Summer Term


Our topic for this final half-term is transport and travel! We will be learning about all different types of transport and looking at the summer season through our travel part of the topic.

Spring Term

Silly Milly & Jolly Molly


We had a fantastic show in Early Years this morning to celebrate the end of our Circus topic. Children's entertainers 'Silly Milly & Jolly Molly' came to visit us. The children had an absolutely fantastic time watching and taking part in the show! We laughed at their silly jokes, danced, found out that we have magic fingers and lots more. Have a look at the fantastic photos below.

The 'Bee Man'


We have had a beehive in the garden that the children have been very excited about! Yesterday, pest control came to remove it. The 'bee man' was kind enough to wait until the children arrived at school before removing it so they could watch. We watched how he calmed the bees, enclosed them and then removed the hive while wearing his special suit. We then watched some videos about bees and found out how important they are for our flowers and fruits. We also found out there are many different types of bees and what 'jobs' they have!

Nursery's Circus


We took full advantage of the gorgeous weather last week and took our circus activities outside! We set up our own circus with lots of different tasks: balancing, throwing, walking on stilts and lots more! The children have had a fantastic time developing their skills through the different activities!

Roll up, Roll up ...


This half-term we are learning using the topic 'Circus'. So far we have looked at different circus acts, made juggling balls using rice and balloons, made lots of patterns, took part in some circus yoga with Miss Woods and lots more!



What if...?


This week, the whole school has been focusing on the same text 'What if...?' as part of our creative week! The children in Nursery have loved the story! We have been so busy with lots of different activities .. We have made maps for Joe, made birthday cards and invitations, created houses from different materials, decorated cakes for the party and lots more!



We have had a very busy few weeks in nursery! We have continued our growing topic by last week learning all about frogs and this week we have been learning about butterflies! The children have loved the different activities and have been very engaged in finding out about the life-cycles!



Over the next few weeks we will focus on the topic 'growing'. We have started off with the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk' to help us learn about how plants grow. We have planted our own beans this week, have a look at the pictures below!


We are also carrying out an experiment with some cress seeds to find out what conditions they need to grow best! So far, the cress seeds that are getting sun, water and warmth each day are growing best! While the seeds that we have put in the fridge with no sunlight or water are not doing too well...

World Book Day


All the children had a fantastic morning dressed up as their book characters today! Thank you to all the parents for making a fantastic effort with the costumes!

Owl Visit


We had a lovely visit today finding out about different types of owls, how they fly, how the hunt, where they live and lots more! Have a look at our lovely pictures below.



We have been learning through the topic 'Superheroes' over the past few weeks! The children have loved all of our different activities. We have been super counting with our superhero number songs, designing our own superheroes and masks, we have read stories about different superheroes with different powers, made bat caves, engaged in imaginary play, made our very own 'super smoothies' and lots more. Have a look at our photos below.


Chinese New Year


We have been focusing on the topic 'Chinese New Year' over the past few weeks to help us learn! We have had lots of fun activities, such as: making Chinese numbers with dough, using special gold pens to mark make, threading patterns of beads onto dragons, serving customers in our Chinese restaurant, looking at and building structures from China and lots more!

Staying healthy


This week we have been learning all about keeping our bodies healthy. We have been looking at healthy and unhealthy foods, talking about the importance of exercise, we have had a yoga session with Miss Woods, we have been looking at how to keep our teeth clean, strong and healthy and have also been making sure we wash our hands throughout the day!

Welcome back! We have had a fantastic first few days back after Christmas. The children have loved telling all of their friends about their great Christmas gifts! We have been very busy this week with lots of different activities: painting, counting, shopping in our role-play area and lots more. Have a look at the pictures below :)

Autumn 2
During the second half-term we will be focusing on learning about the Autumn season and also learning about different 'Festivals & Celebrations'. We have started off the first week by learning about what happens when the season changes to Autumn. Throughout the remainder of the half-term, we will learn about celebrations such as bonfire night, birthdays and Christmas! We are looking forward to an exciting half-term!



What a fantastic show! The children spoke and sang so well! The children have worked so hard during the past few weeks in their Nativity rehearsals and were absolutely fantastic today! A big thank you to all the family members and friends who came to watch the show today, we really appreciate your support.

Christmas time!


We have been very busy over the last few weeks with lots of Christmas themed activities! We began the Christmas fun by taking part in the Santa Dash at Netherley park last week, the children had a great time! We have been decorating our Christmas cards and calendars, counting Christmas objects, making Christmas trees with our dough and lots more! We have also been singing lots of songs and rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity performance next week! 


This children had a fantastic time at Acorn Farm yesterday. They visited Father Christmas in his Grotto and told them how great they've been and what they would like for Christmas! Santa gave all the children a special gift! The children then got to feed some of the lovely farm animals and we had a little play in the park before returning to school.



We have had a lovely few weeks in Nursery! The children planned a birthday party for our 'Fred the Ted'. They made birthday cards, wrote invitations, wrapped presents and made some shopping lists for the party food! We had a party for Fred last week on Children in Need day! We also talked about how to be a good and kind friend during anti-bullying week. 


This week the children have loved learning all about dinosaurs. They know some of the different dinosaur names and some dinosaur facts! We have been drawing dinosaurs and dinosaur claws at the writing table as well as making dinosaurs at the dough and craft tables. We have spent a lot of time outside during the rainy weather making some lovely rainbow puddles! Look at our wonderful pictures below.



We have been doing lots of wonderful activities in Nursery over the past few weeks! This week is World Nursery Rhyme week - we have been focusing on lots of different nursery rhymes! We have had a doctor's surgery role-play as we learnt 'Doctor Foster', we have made our own sheep using cotton wool as we learnt 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' and we have even been making scary spiders from our black dough because we've been singing 'Incy Wincy Spider'. We have also made some lovely poppies for Remembrance Day.

Yoga & Meditation


This week Nursery went to the hall for some yoga and meditation with Miss Woods! They learned how to do some autumn poses, control their breathing with autumn leaves and relaxed together as they listened to music.

We have spent lots of time outside this week, exploring what changes we can see in Autumn. Have a look at our lovely pictures below.
Autumn Term
For the first half-term we will be concentrating on the topics 'All About me' and 'Nursery Rhymes'. We will be involved in lots of indoor and outdoor activities to help us learn all about these topics. We will be singing and re-telling our favourite Nursery Rhymes every day! We will be making new friends, sharing our favourite things, learning about different families, finding out the names of our different body parts and lots more! Keep a look our for some different pictures that will be added to the website each week so that you can see what wonderful things we have been getting up to!

Halloween Disco


The children loved their first Halloween Disco at Norman Pannell - they were fantastically dressed and had a great time dancing with their friends! Thank-you to the PTA for organising this fantastic event for our children. Well done to Amelia and Brandon who won the competition for best boy & girl outfit!

Stay & Play - 20.10.16


Thank-you to all the parents who attended our Stay & Play this week. In Early Years, we see this as a fantastic opportunity for the children to show you how they learn and what their favourite areas and activities are. The children love to share this with you! Please have a look at the photographs below.

We have had a busy week in Nursery, have a look at our photos to see what we've been up to!

Calderstones Park!


We had a fantastic day at Calderstones park and were lucky enough to have lovely weather! The children started off their day by building dens together using different sized canes, material and pegs. They looked fantastic! We then took a lovely walk around the park and managed to find some squirrels! After lunch, the children had lots of fun feeding the ducks. We finished off the day on the swings and slides and the children enjoyed a lovely chocolate ice-cream. Have a look at our photographs below to see what a wonderful day we had!

Weeks 2 & 3


We have continued with our topic 'All About Me' and have been talking about our family. This week we have been looking at one of our favourite storytime families 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children have loved the different activities set up in Nursery this week - they have acted out the story with props, made pictures using big, medium and small objects, mixed oats with milk to make porridge, made their own bear pancakes (sorry about the chocolate covered faces!), learnt about the number 3, we have learnt a new song about Goldilocks and lots more!! Look at our lovely pictures below :)

Weekly Cooking/Baking Lessons


Have a look below at the pictures of our first few cooking/baking lessons. We will have a lesson every week where the children will make something of their very own. The children love learning about the different ingredients and equipment needed and love to get involved in the cooking process while they mix, spread, chop and find out ways to use different foods and ingredients to help them make something special!

Our First Week!