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Restorative Practice at Norman Pannell

This year, we are delighted to be taking part in an initiative that we believe will transform and enhance the culture of our school.  It is called Restorative Practice.  A group of primary and secondary schools are taking part, delivered through the Local Authority and Restorative Thinking Ltd.


For us, we want Restorative Practice to benefit the whole school community by learning about and considering the quality of relationships and communication between each other, in order to deal effectively with negative behaviours, reducing conflict, anger and sadness.  Restorative Practice will help us all to enjoy a happier, calmer and healthier school, enabling children to feel safe and learn most effectively.


For real change to happen, we need all stakeholders in the school community to get involved and have their say.  This includes children, staff, families and governors.


New Restorative Practice digital learning resource. 


This is a great resource for parents and cares, there are 4 sessions all completely

free to access and will help you to support your child/children


This tool will help if you:

  • are concerned about spending a lot of time with family members at home, and the impact this can have on our relationships
  • are worried that your family might be falling out more
  • want to find out about simple relationship techniques
  • just want to learn more about positive relationships


Just follow the link below. 

Norman Pannell CORE VALUES - chosen by the children

When conflict happens, trained teachers lead a 'Restorative Meeting' to look into the 'incident', understand the reasons and impact of the behaviours, and search for a way of 'repairing harm'.  This is recorded on the form below:

What is Restorative Practice, and what does it mean at our school?


Please click on the link below for information, film clips and resources from Restorative Thinking Ltd.


With the help of parents, staff and children, we have defined our approach to Restorative Practice:


At Norman Pannell, Restorative Practice is used to ensure that all adults working in the school promote positive learning behaviours through consistent approaches in all situations.


At Norman Pannell, Restorative Practice is used with the pupils to develop an understanding of themselves and others to make their experience of school happy, successful and fulfilling.


At Norman Pannell, we support the wider school community, encouraging parents and carers to use Restorative Practice in a way that is consistent with the school’s approach.


We are at the beginning of our journey, but very excited about where Restorative Practice might lead us, so keep looking here for more developments!