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Year 5

Year 5 Summer Home Learning

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a free platform which is accessible on any device including mobiles. There are no sign ups or logins required. Oak offers pupils online lessons and resources. The lessons are structured in a series of 'building blocks' and contain a starter quiz, finishing quiz and an activity.  Each session contains a pre-recorded video lesson taught by a teacher.


All lessons are available now and over the summer to catch up on any missed learning. Below, are links to some of the key objectives that need to be covered.


Year 5  Converting Units of Measure


Lesson 1 - To convert between seconds, minutes and hours


Lesson 2 - To solve problems involving converting between hours and minutes


Lesson 3 - To convert between units of length


Lesson 4 –To apply length conversions to problems


 Lesson 5 - To find the perimeter and convert units of measurements


Lesson 6 –To convert miles and kilometres


Lesson 7 - To convert between grams and kilograms


Lesson 8 – To convert units of mass


Lesson 9 –To convert between pounds and kilograms


Lesson 10 - To apply measures and conversions in context




Year 5 Transformations


Lesson 1 –An Introduction To Translation


Lesson 2 – Describing Translations


Lesson 3 -Describing positions and coordinates


Lesson 4 – Describe position after translation


Lesson 5 – Describe position after translation


Lesson 6 – To identify and describe reflections


Lesson 7– To describe reflections using coordinates


Lesson 8 – To reflect shapes along axes


Lesson 9 – To reason about reflection


Lesson 10 – To make links between reflections and translations.



Year 5 - 2D and 3D shape


Lesson 1 – To identify, describe and classify shapes based on the properties


Lesson 2 – To identify, describe and classify shapes based on the properties


Lesson 3 - To identify regular and irregular polygons by reasoning about equal sides and angles


Lesson 4 – To identify, describe and classify triangles


Lesson 5 – To describe the properties of quadrilaterals


Lesson 6 – To describe the properties of diagonals of quadrilaterals


Lesson 7– To identify, describe and classify 3-D shapes based on the properties


Lesson 8 – To recognise 2-D representations of 3-D shapes


Lesson 9 – To recognise, describe and build simple 3-D shapes


Lesson 10 –To illustrate and name parts of circles




Welcome to Year 5


Hi and welcome to Year 5's class page! Our Teacher this year is Miss Lamont.


P.E this term will be on a Tuesday.


Reading books will be sent home daily and must be brought back into school everyday. 


Homework will be handed out on Fridays and needs to be returned no later than Wednesdays for marking and new homework to be set.


Thanks for your continued support.


Keep an eye on our Twitter page for regular updates.

Possible home learning tasks


In light of the current situation, we would like to offer as much support as possible in regards to home learning to children, parents and carers in the event of a school closure.  Paper home learning packs will be available today for all year 5 children (those children in school will be sent home with a pack). This will provide a range of activities for children to complete whilst at home. 


In addition to this, children will be reminded of login details for all online platforms that we have access to. Please see below for links to these

W/C 18/05/20

W/C 4th May

This term our class read is  Wonder by R. J Palacio. Use the link below to download the book. Can you record the advantages and disadvantages of being educated at home? Can you write a character description for Auggie? 

English Challenge - Write a letter to an elderly person (people) who might be struggling at this time. This could be someone who lives nearby, someone you know further away, a family member who you can't see at the moment anyone! A handwritten letter from you will cheer them up. 

The internet has a wide range of educational games that are free to access.  Please find some suggested links below

The key is to complete some tasks each day.  Below you will find additional suggestions of tasks and projects that children could complete at home