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Welcome to our Reception Class

In our Reception class you will find the teachers called Miss Gold and the Learning Support Assistants are Miss Ashley and Miss Sarah. We are very excited to get to know the Reception class and continuing our Learning Journey!


Please look at the Reception door, the website and Twitter for updates that you may need. 


* Please don't forget your £1 snack/baking money every week.

* Please remember to bring in book bags every day.


Welcome to Reception in Norman Pannell Primary School where we love to learn both indoors and outdoors. We have lots of opportunities to learn through active play, investigations, stories and visits. 


We strive to ignite children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, building capacity, to learn, build relationships and thrive. Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Reception over the year. Please note that these can change depending on the interests of the children! 


If you have any questions, news or worries then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Reception Team.

We talked about Rememberance Day today in preparation for 11.11.19...and we also made Poppy Biscuits using red icing and a chocolate button! (6.11.19)

We made chocolate wand sparklers today! We were going to take them home but ate them instead! (6.11.19)

We learnt about Bonfire Night today and the story behind it! We learnt about how we need to be safe when using Sparklers... (4.11.19)

Today we got changed for PE all by ourselves! We had fun in our dance lesson! (4.11.19)

Calderstones Park: it was a pleasure! Trail walks, mud, feeding the ducks, mud, horses, races, mud and walking! Such a fantastic day had by all! (18.10.19)

During Culture Week we tasted different foods related to the book we are reading! Chapatti, popadums, naan bread and mango chutney! (17.10.19)

...after 3 days of using tools we are finally inside the pumpkin! We now have pumpkin seeds all over our classroom!!! (16.10.19)

We are using real tools to try and open the pumpkin! We are also using our fine motor skills to balance the marbles! (15.10.19)

Reading for Pleasure at our local Library and looking for our Benji Bear who had gone missing! (11.10.19)

Outdoor Number Lines and Matching Quantity using natural objects! #Teamwork (8.10.19)

Baking, Balance Bikes, Tasting the cookies....just a typical Thursday in the Early Years! (3.10.19)

Painting outside in the drizzle having so much fun! (30.9.19)

In Jigsaw this week we learnt about the importance of 'sharing' with others (30.9.19)

Such a busy Thursday! Baking flapjacks with porridge oats (Goldilocks!), Balance Bikes and then we 'Passed the Smile' aroud the cirlce! So much learning took place today!! (26.9.19)

Who did it? Our Crime Scene this morning as we arrived in class! The children were detectives and achieved the most amazing writing! (23.9.19)

Messy play outside! Lots of chalk and children having fun in the mud kitchen looking for creepy crawlies! (20.9.019)

Bake Off! We have been making Bear Paw Cookies to help us with our fine motor skills! (20.9.19)

A birthday, matching numbers to quantity and Going on a Bear Hunt! Another busy day.....(17.9.19)

The Great British Bake Off has begun.....!! (12.9.19)

Let's take our phonics into the 'Writing Area' !!!! (11.9.19)

Slippers in class are good for our wellbeing... (9.9.19)

Today we talked about our 'All about Me' bags and then 'got busy'... (9.9.19)

Splish Splash Splosh! Let's learn our colours... (10.9.19)