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Following recent changes in national and then local guidance, we are very happy to be able to welcome Reception children back to school from Wednesday 24th June.  I'm sure you will agree, with the Reception year in full swing, it was a great shame that school was forced to close in March due to Coronavirus.  However, I have enormous belief in both the resilience of children and the skill and dedication of our team, so we are ready to make the very best of a difficult situation in these final four weeks of the school year.  School will be a little bit different in some ways, as I will explain, but the children will still have the chance to be close to their friends, re-tune to learning and begin to make up for the time they have unfortunately lost from this school year.  Much has been made in the press of the 'damage' that has been done by this gap and there is no doubt, every child in the country has missed out on important learning, but we believe these four weeks will be a very significant step to getting back up to speed with the children's learning journey.


I have included some photos below to show you some of the differences you will see, so they are not a shock to you next week.  The most important priority for us is the safety of your child, the parents and our staff.  Although the risk of Coronavirus is now very low, we must remember that there is still a risk wherever we go, including school, which means that we need to make a few adjustments to the children's memory of 'normal'.


It is recognised by the government and everyone in the profession that it is an unreasonable expectation to enforce social distancing with children so young.  Therefore children in Reception will NOT be kept at a 2 metre distance from each other.  Instead, they will be taught in groups of no more than 15 children, called 'bubbles'.


At this stage, we do not know exactly how many children we will have back from Wednesday and this number may go up or down over the next few weeks.  If 15 or less children come back to school next week, they will form one bubble with one teacher.  If more than 15 children return, which we anticipate will happen, the children will be split into two groups, chosen by Miss Gold, Miss Ashley and the EY team, in the best interest of the children.


If the class are split into two bubbles, as we expect, some of the children will be in the Reception classroom and some will be in the Nursery classroom.  This means that the children will be separated as the government guidance dictates, but will still be able to see each other through the glass divide.  They will not be able to share the outdoor space at the same time.  The children will be taught and looked after by Early Years staff who they are all familiar with, including Nursery staff.


Arriving at School

When you arrive with your child in the morning, different age groups will need to use different entrances.  Because we have to stay apart, we can't all come through one narrow gate, so Reception parents and children have their own gate near to the Christ Church car park, coming straight onto the Early Years playground.  Miss Gold and other members of staff will open the gate at 8:50.  If you arrive a bit earlier, please remember that you need to stand at least 2m apart from other children and their parents.  We will put some tape on the fencing to remind you if queuing by the fence.  If it is raining, we will open a little earlier and bring the children straight in one by one.


Please come onto the playground with your child and stand apart from other parents and children while you wait for the children to be called into class at 8:55am.  The first bubble will be called for and go into the Reception classroom through the Reception door under the white shelter in the outdoor area.  The second bubble will then be called for an go into the Nursery classroom through their door.  Parents should then leave one-by-one through the gate, respecting 2m social distancing.


In the classroom

I would like to reassure parents that the familiar Reception and Nursery classrooms are set up in essentially the same way as the children will remember.  The only real difference is that soft furnishings (cushions, fabrics) have been removed according to pubic health advice.  We are sure that your child will feel relaxed and 'at home', even if he or she is in the Nursery classroom.  Please try not to worry about this, the team will ensure that the children get the support they need to feel comfortable and have fun.


Around school

You will see from the pictures below, moving around school will be a bit different.  The corridors have tape and arrows on the floor to remind children (and staff) to walk on the left hand side and not bump into people or get too close.  In the dinner hall, children will be sat a little further apart than usual to prevent any unnecessary spread of germs whilst eating.  Our experience with the Early Years children who have been in the hub during the last few weeks has been that they find it quite good fun!


Transition to Year 1

Reception is an incredibly important year for children's development, as they all are.  It is recognised that the children will not be as ready for Y1 as they would have been had they been in school all year.  During these four weeks, the teachers will be adapting teaching to the children's needs, focusing on helping them back into the rhythm of learning, exploring and playing together.


Please don't worry about Year 1 - the teachers in all year groups will be working closely together to make sure the time missed is made up in the Autumn Term next year.  Time and care will be taken to adapt to the children's developmental needs.



As the government keeps telling us, there is less chance of spreading germs and viruses if we are outside.  That means that we will also be eating outside as often as we can.  If your child usually has a school dinner, that's fine, Angie will often be making lunches that can be eaten outside or in the classroom like a picnic.  Children who have packed lunches can continue to do so.  If we do need to have lunch in the hall, children will sit together but bubbles will be kept apart on different tables. 


For parents who have been receiving Free School Meal vouchers, if your child is coming back into school, your voucher will stop until the end of term, but then start again in the summer holidays.  



If your child is coming back to school, it is important to get back into the regular routine.  We expect full attendance, every day, on time at 8:55 as normal.  Children who are late will not be able to come in through the new Reception gate and we will need to ask a member of staff to come out to meet your child.  This could feel quite strange for your child so please make sure you arrive on time.



As some people may have grown out of some uniform, we are not insisting on strict uniform.  We want to make things as easy as possible for parents and the most important thing is that children come to school every day in fresh, clean clothes.  Please make sure your child has sensible footwear on: no open-toe sandals and please don't wear expensive new clothes that will get dirty.


We are really looking forward to welcoming the Reception children back on Wednesday.  Please make sure your child is back into a good sleeping routine over the coming days so that you can get up bright and early for school.  Have a lovely weekend.


From Mr. Simpson

Is your child coming back to school on Wednesday?

It is important that we know who is and who isn't coming back in on Wednesday, so that we can plan and get everything ready. Please use the form below to inform us, making sure you include your child's name. Thank you.

In the event of school closure or self-isolation

We will be using the website to provide activities and practical work for Reception children to access if they are to stay at home. In the Early Years, learning is done through play and real experiences. 

Below there will be some links to: phonics, reading, maths, handwriting and just some fun things to do when not at school....


* Your child will know the phonics group they are in and it would be useful if you could ask them to read the words for that 'Phase'. 

* If your child could also practise writing their name and also 0-20 every day, correcting their formation if necessary! 

* I will attach a home recipe for making playdoh too (it is very easy!) as with this your child can practise their fine motor skills, needed for things such as handwriting.



Letter from the School Nurse regarding your child's health screening. Thank you (19.6.20)

'It's Good to Talk' ~ use these philosophical questions to engage in talk with your child. You never know where it may lead...!

Practical Ideas for Learning at Home (including a playdoh recipe!)

Home Learning Pack (Maths, Phonics and Literacy)

Please sign up for free reading books at your child's level. They are fun and interactive and easy to access! "Oxford Owls"

please sign up for Oxford Owl as it is a free resource that will allow your child to read books at home. 

It is free to sign up ~ here are the instructions

Oxford Owl For Home

Free ebooks for 3-11


Book Band

Your child with either be a 'Pink' or 'Red' Book band!

Happy reading smiley

Alphabet Hunt ~ enjoy doing this and then upload to our Twitter page! (25.3.20)

Welcome to our Reception Class

In our Reception class you will find the teachers called Miss Gold and the Learning Support Assistants are Miss Ashley and Miss Sarah. We are very excited to get to know the Reception class and continuing our Learning Journey!


Please look at the Reception door, the website and Twitter for updates that you may need. 


* Please don't forget your £1 snack/baking money every week.

* Please remember to bring in book bags every day.


Welcome to Reception in Norman Pannell Primary School where we love to learn both indoors and outdoors. We have lots of opportunities to learn through active play, investigations, stories and visits. 


We strive to ignite children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, building capacity, to learn, build relationships and thrive. Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Reception over the year. Please note that these can change depending on the interests of the children! 


If you have any questions, news or worries then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Reception Team.

So much fun had today doing some 'Science' experiments. We looked at shaving foam and how it expands when it is out the conainer. We looked at making bubbles with straws and also blowing bubbles (and their sizes!) As you can see a lot of messy fun was had by the shaving foam scientists!! (12.3.20)

We had a fantastic Monday in school using our fine motor skills! We made lots of Robots with our 'junk' and recycled materials! As the old saying goes..."give a child a cardboard box...!" (9.3.20)

World Book Day 2020. Reception brought in their favourite books and shared stories with their friends! We did this with cookies and milk whilst dressed up in PJs! (5.3.20)

Our school trip visiting our Liverpool Landmarks. The best school trip putting everything into context and singing Yellow Submarine with the busker at the Beatles Statue!! (5.2.20)

Some children today were: flip it, make it, build it with our numbers. What a great morning! (4.2.20)

All the time we are learning and getting 'busy' making sure that we are using all of our areas of learning! (30.1.20)

We used lots of resources today to help us order numbers! We love using numicon in class! (27.1.20)

We are learning about Tangled today and made our own Rapunzel and Flynn Ryders using the materials from our craft area! We also manipulated our fine motor skills by squeezing all the water out of the flannels! This was hard work!! Using language such as twisting, squeezing, spinning and stretching! (20.1.20)

Today in phonics we read our caption and then matched it to the picture...all by ourselves! (10.1.20)

Every day we brush our teeth to keep them clean and healthy! (7.1.20)

It's Christmas Jumper Day in Reception! (13.12.19)

It's that Friday feeling at Garden Lodge Care Home again! A lovely welcome and decorating Christmas cards (6.12.19)

Oh! No! Olaf is melting.....! Baking Thursday (we love baking Thursdays!!) (5.12.19)

Our weekly visit to Garden Lodge Care Home! The children and residents loved it (so did Miss Ashley!) (29.11.19)

'Learning through Play' is what we do in Reception! Problem Solving, artwork and just loving what we do! (26.11.19)

Most of the children had a busy weekend either seeing Santa or watching Frozen 2! Today they couldn't wait to see what was waiting for them in the base! (25.11.19)

Our first visit to Garden Lodge Care Home: How fantastic to see our Reception children playing and interacting with the residents of GLCH. They did arts and crafts and had biscuits and juice. Same again next week... ! (22.11.19)

Thursday Cooking: We made cheese swiss roll! It was gorgeous! (21.11.19)

The results of our experiment on keeping healthy 'germs' (19.11.19)

Children in Need ~ learning all about Pudsey! (14.11.19)

We talked about Rememberance Day today in preparation for 11.11.19...and we also made Poppy Biscuits using red icing and a chocolate button! (6.11.19)

We made chocolate wand sparklers today! We were going to take them home but ate them instead! (6.11.19)

We learnt about Bonfire Night today and the story behind it! We learnt about how we need to be safe when using Sparklers... (4.11.19)

Today we got changed for PE all by ourselves! We had fun in our dance lesson! (4.11.19)

Calderstones Park: it was a pleasure! Trail walks, mud, feeding the ducks, mud, horses, races, mud and walking! Such a fantastic day had by all! (18.10.19)

During Culture Week we tasted different foods related to the book we are reading! Chapatti, popadums, naan bread and mango chutney! (17.10.19)

...after 3 days of using tools we are finally inside the pumpkin! We now have pumpkin seeds all over our classroom!!! (16.10.19)

We are using real tools to try and open the pumpkin! We are also using our fine motor skills to balance the marbles! (15.10.19)

Reading for Pleasure at our local Library and looking for our Benji Bear who had gone missing! (11.10.19)

Outdoor Number Lines and Matching Quantity using natural objects! #Teamwork (8.10.19)

Baking, Balance Bikes, Tasting the cookies....just a typical Thursday in the Early Years! (3.10.19)

Painting outside in the drizzle having so much fun! (30.9.19)

In Jigsaw this week we learnt about the importance of 'sharing' with others (30.9.19)

Such a busy Thursday! Baking flapjacks with porridge oats (Goldilocks!), Balance Bikes and then we 'Passed the Smile' aroud the cirlce! So much learning took place today!! (26.9.19)

Who did it? Our Crime Scene this morning as we arrived in class! The children were detectives and achieved the most amazing writing! (23.9.19)

Messy play outside! Lots of chalk and children having fun in the mud kitchen looking for creepy crawlies! (20.9.019)

Bake Off! We have been making Bear Paw Cookies to help us with our fine motor skills! (20.9.19)

A birthday, matching numbers to quantity and Going on a Bear Hunt! Another busy day.....(17.9.19)

The Great British Bake Off has begun.....!! (12.9.19)

Let's take our phonics into the 'Writing Area' !!!! (11.9.19)

Slippers in class are good for our wellbeing... (9.9.19)

Today we talked about our 'All about Me' bags and then 'got busy'... (9.9.19)

Splish Splash Splosh! Let's learn our colours... (10.9.19)