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Attendance Policy 2018-19

Pizza Party for 100% Attenders

As you may have read in our recent Ofsted inspection report, one of our key targets as a school is to increase the rate of attendance. This is a difficult area to improve as it needs the teamwork of children, staff and importantly, parents. Working together, we can raise attendance at an individual, class and whole school level.


  • The government would like schools to achieve an average attendance of at least 97%.
  • By the end of this school year, we would like to improve our attendance to over 95%.
  • Individually, we class attendance in 5 different colour-coded categories:
    • GREEN - 100% - Perfect attendance – not a single day or half day absent
    • GREEN - More than 95% - 97% is considered 'Good Attendance'.
    • YELLOW - 90 – 95% - Low attendance - need to improve
    • PINK - 85 – 90% - Very low attendance in need of rapid improvement - danger of persistent absence. Meeting with school pastoral team to discuss reasons / possible support
    • RED - Less than 85% - Persistent absence, possible future intervention of Education Welfare Officer (EWO) if no rapid improvement, depending on reasons

Parents will receive a colour coded letter each half term to inform you of your child's attendance. Children who have 100% attendance for each half term will take part in a special /treat or activity.

Attendance Jars

You may have noticed the attendance money jars in our infant hall. Each week the class average is calculated and if it is over 96% (school target) the class will receive £1. If it is 100% the class will receive £3! At the end of term classes can total up the number of pounds in their jars and spend the money on something nice. Some classes have started very well!