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Bluebells Nursery

Bluebells is a private day nursery that operates in spacious surroundings within the school site.  Although Bluebells is completely independent of Norman Pannell School, we work closely together, and young children regularly make a smooth transition from Bluebells into the school's Early Years Nursery or Reception class.


Bluebells accepts children from 0-4 yrs and currently has places.  For more information, please pop in to speak to Lynda or a member of the Bluebells team, or e-mail:


Opening hours are from 8am - 5pm (can be extended through specific request)


Wrap-around Provision


In partnership, Norman Pannell Nursery and Bluebells are able to offer wrap-around provision for Nursery children of 3 yrs old.  For example, children can be dropped at Bluebells Nursery at 8am, then taken through by Bluebells staff to Norman Pannell's nursery, which starts at 8:45am.  When the morning session finishes at 11:45am, Bluebells staff can collect the children and take them back to Bluebells for lunch, and then the afternoon until picked up by parents.  This means that children can be cared for from 8am - 5pm whilst benefiting from both the private nursery hours and the school-based Nursery provision - the best of both worlds!


Please ask Linda Pauline (Bluebells Manager) or the Norman Pannell school office for more details of how this could work for you.