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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We are a wonderful class with 20 fantastic boys and girls. Year 4’s class teacher is Miss Standaloft, supported by teaching assistant Mrs Kelly.



Weekly routine:

Monday and Friday- P.E will take place, I recommend that children bring in their kits on a Monday and leave in school for the duration of the week.

Autumn 1, year 4 worked with the Widnes Vikings Rugby coaches and will take part in a rugby event in autumn 2 using the key skills they learnt during the sessions.

Autumn 2, year 4 will be working with our specialist dance coach on Monday mornings, children will develop new skills and develop their confidence over the course of this term. 


Thursday- Guitar practice takes place in the afternoon with Mr Webb, who leads the session. We are working each week on developing confidence and ability, rehearsing for an end of year performance. 


Friday- Homework will be given out and due back in by the following Wednesday.  If this is not completed at home then the children will stay in at break on the Thursday to complete it.  

This week the children have been learning about the different types of animals looking at mammels, insects/spiders and reptiles/amphibians.

We were lucky enough to have a look at some creatures brought in from the museum.  

PE - Rounders Year 4 Vs Year 5! Year 4 WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Children's University

Philosophy for Children is a wonderful way of bringing teachers and children together to discuss things that matter.  Today Year 4 read 'The Tunnel' and discussed what happened in the story and why.  The children came up with 4 fantastic questions to discuss in more detail, they voted to discuss one in more detail.  The children really enjoyed the time spent thinking and talking to each other. 

Enterprise Day

Today we had visitors in school helping our pupils develop a range of skills for working and life.  They completed a series of tasks in groups of 6.  The children worked extremely well together, mixing with children from different classes.  Ask the children about the different tasks they completed, i'm sure they will enjoy telling you all about it.  

Year 4 enjoying the lovely weather in our reading garden.

Today Year 4 spent the afternoon with Mr Triggs designing a Maths board game to enter into a school competition.  The children had some wonderful ideas and were very imaginative with their creations.  

Why smoking is bad for you!

This week Year 4 have been working really hard on a Smoking project, investigating how our bodies are damaged by the effects of smoking.  The children have completed lots of research and written letters to someone they know who smokes trying to persuade them to stop.  

Year 4 showing Year 2 why smoking is bad for you!

Year 4 cricket tournament 

Year 4 took part in a cricket tournament against 3 other schools at Liverpool College.  The children had a fantastic time!

We visited the Philharmonic Hall to enjoy a performance by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tudor Banquet


Daniel came in from Food for thought to show the Year 4 children how to make a pie from Tudor times.  The children has a fantastic time with family members who came in to help. 


Year 4 received a morning session of cricket from a professional coach.  He taught the children the rules of the game and then they got involved in a match. They really enjoyed getting into teams and trying to beat each others scores.  Ask the children, they will enjoy telling you all about it.

We were very lucky to have another visit from the book bus.

We had students visit us today from Hope University, we researched Henry the 8th and his 6 wives using different types of resources.

We visited the science department at Gateacre school today, the children took part in an experiment using paper clips, an iron bar, wire and an electric power pack.  Ask the children how they got on and what they discovered!

We had a visitor from Hope University come into year 4 today. He was an Astrophysicist who explored the solar system with us using play doh!

Today the school was visited by a local owl sanctuary.  The children were shown 5 different species of owls and told many facts about each bird.  The fun will now continue into the classroom were we will be carrying on with research and creating fact file posters.   

Year 4 are painting Mediterranean moving pictures, check back soon to see the finished paintings.

The Digestive System


Today the children have completed a practical science experiment using household items to recreate how the digestive system works.  

This demonstration enables children to visualise the process of digestion in an engaging, practical way.

Maths Breakfast


Thank you so much to all parents and carers who made it to Year 3 & 4's Maths breakfast this morning. 

Today Year 4 made delicious pizza.

The Digestive System

This week we have been learning all about the digestive system, how it looks and what each organ does.  

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Christmas arts and crafts at Christ Church

Gateacre School STEM project


On Friday afternoon we attended a workshop at Gateacre School.  With the help of Gateacre students, Norman Pannell pupils had to make a parachute using a variety of different materials to protect an egg when being thrown from 3 different heights. 

There was only one parachute which survived 3 drops (from 3 different floors in Gateacre School).  The Reindeer team won!  Well done! 



Christmas story telling with Jude Lennon

Anti-bullying week. The children worked together in groups finding solutions to different bullying scenarios.

Farmer's market at Christ church

The children have been learning about the Romans, looking at the life of Boudica a queen of the British Celtic tribe.  Looking at the different events of her life and putting them in order. 
The book people bus visited the school today, Year 4 spent some time reading and looking through the books. 
Year 4 have taken part in circle time today, encouraging listening and building on relationships by understanding respect and promoting self esteem. 
Today we took park in a Run for Fun at Wavertree Sports centre.  We had a great  afternoon running along side other schools in a 1 mile run.   
On Thursday we went to Delamere Forest on our first school trip.  We had a fantastic time with Ranger Ben learning how to survive in the forest, we built dens and learnt the key facts on what we need to survive on a night in the forest.  We also had time to explore the forest collecting things and meeting the famous Gruffalo.  We had an excellent day and the fun is continuing into our classroom as we complete fieldwork journals. 

Here is the link to the Rainbow tables for your children to practice at home.