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History Week: We have been learning about John Lennon. His past, and his legacy. We listened to The Beatles music, did a timeline of John's life and did a peace collage! We are so lucky to live in Liverpool and near streets such as Penny Lane and Menlove Avenue! (9.7.21)

Sports Day 2021....some thought it was the Olympics.! All the children had fun and won a medal! Well Done Reception! (9.7.21)

Today we went to London to find Paddington Bear. We bought train tickets for Lime Street and then the guard directed us to our seats! Once we arrived we learnt about London Landmarks. We had a great time eating typical London foods such as scones/jam/cream, jam tarts and we even made shortbread cookies! We arrived home safe and sound and KJ found Paddington hiding in the block area! (27.5.21)

In class today we made slime! We are not quite sure if the end product was slime ~ but we had fun making it! We also wrote for a purpose pretending to be characters from Paddington Bear! (24.5.21)

Today in class we got wrapped up in toilet paper (we pretended to be Paddington when he got into a sticky situation with sellotape!!). We had so much fun today! Then we used our Baking Thursday to remind ourselves how to make a 'double'...(20.5.21)

Reception Parents' Evening - Wednesday 19th May 2:30 - 6:00pm


Miss Gold is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Parent's Evening

Time: May 19, 2021 starting at 02:30 PM (individual appointment times booked)


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Numbers Day today! Lot's of working and playing with numbers in class! We love our numbers! (7.5.21)

Baking Thursday is the best day of the week! Paddington has a red hat so today we spread white icing and red icing! We also put a some paper of the floor and this is what happened.....amazing! In Maths we have been counting in 10s too! A busy week this week! Just the way we like it! (6.5.21)

We have learnt so many new words this week as we are learning about Paddington Bear. He came from deepest, darkest Peru and arrived in London to find a new home! We were busy today inside and outside, learning through play (5.4.21)

It took Reception only 9 minutes to get changed for PE (all by themselves!) We are hoping to beat that week on week! (30.4.21)

Welcome to the Reception 3D Museum! Here are the original pieces of 3D artefacts made by the children at home! They are all fantastic and well done if you made one! Brilliant (1.5.21)

We have had a busy week learning and still managed to fit in Baking Thursday! We have learnt about Liverpool Landmarks and Data Handling in Maths. (29.4.21)

Baking Thursday today and the children made Pasta Salad! They loved eating it as soon as they made it. Miss Gold also lost three times to George playing Dominoes! But a great way to teach 'subitising' !! (22.4.21)

Today we started to learn about 3D shapes and how they are different to 2D shapes. We used cocktail sticks and raisins to make 3D sculptures. This led nicely into learning about Landmarks and making some out of playdoh (19.4.21)

This week we are learning about 'Locality' and our local area including features that we see every day! So for Baking Thursday there was nothing else to make except Traffic Light Pizzas!! (15.4.21)

Well Done to all our children who made an Easter Bonnet for the catwalk parade! They were all so brave walking (and not falling!!) along the catwalk infront of Year 6! They all looked fantastic! Wishing you all a relaxing Easter and we hope the Easter Bunny visits! (26.3.21)

Today was all about #RedNoseDay2021! We started the day looking at how we all wore an item of red! After PE, we had a poster competition and had to draw a Red Nose doing a physical activity! We are very well informed on how to keep fit in Reception! After choosing the winner and taking photo of him with his new red nose, we then did a Live Workout with EYFS! (19.3.21)

A busy day today! After phonics and then Tangled, we did some baking! We made florentines and they were delicious! In the afternoon we also planted some sunflower seeds and we are going to see how tall they grow over the next few weeks! (18.3.21)

This week we are learning about Time! What happens at o'clock during the day! We now know that school starts at 9o'clock and we go home at 3o'clock! We have made clocks in class to help us gain context on our new learning! In other news, we have been threading pipe cleaners through pasta shapes helping our fine motor skills develop! (17.3.21)

It is Science Week 2021 this week so in class yesterday we did the Fruity Sweets Colour Mixing Experiment! We used Skittles and Smarties and we predicted which plate would provide the most amount of water colours! We predicted correctly!! Today we are going to try to paint with the colours! (9.3.21)

Monday 25th January 2021

Hi Parents/Carers, 

Please find our daily link for Zoom below. We will be meeting every day at 11am  so the children can get face to face learning from their teachers and to go through the work on Google Classrooms. Look forward to seeing you all.


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Oh No! There was a crime scene in our classroom today! Someone had broken in over the weekend! Luckily we had clues and we tried to guess who it was! We even questioned the staff! Who do you think it could have been? (25.1.21)

Flip it! Make it! Build it! Playing with numbers in a fun way during lockdown! (8.1.21)

Christmas Hat Parade along the catwalk! Merry Christmas everyone! (18.12.20)

Party Day today (and Thursday Baking!) We met Mrs Claus the the Grinch! We were very lucky as the PTA bought us all a present! Then we made melting snowmen biscuits followed by a Party Lunch! Miss Gold even played Christmas Music!!! We are having a wonderful time today (17.12.20)

When Reception met Santa! We sang songs and told him what we wanted for Christmas. He has asked that we leave him out some cookies and milk, and carrots for the reindeers! I said I would pass on the message! The best Reception class he has spoken to, he said! (15.12.20)

Early Years Christmas Song Performance 2020.


Dear Parents and Carers,


Here are 4 videos of Nursery and Reception performing their Christmas songs. Videos are in the Video Resource Centre on the website. They are saved under EYFS Xmas Songs 2020.


Thank you for your continued support 

EYFS Team.

Baking Thursday and today we made Numicon Cookies as we have been learning about how to use numicon in our maths lessons this week! (10.12.20)

We learnt about Chanukah today and the lighting of the menorah for 8 days! The children are looking forward to eating the donuts on Friday to celebrate (9.12.20)

It is only Monday and already the children have: decorated the Christmas Tree, learnt about how to use and play with numicon and following instructions on how to make Gingerbread Men! Just another normal day in Early Years! (7.12.20)

This week we are learning how to find the 'total' by counting two groups of numbers. To help the children consolidate their learning we used our baking Thursday! The children rolled 2 dice and then counting both groups of numbers to find the total ~ then put that amount of smarties onto the iced biscuit! Yum!! (3.12.20)

Learning through Play! We had a great time today playing with our friends.....even if some were pretending to be the teacher! *ouch* (30.11.20)

"There may be trouble ahead.....!" (30.11.20)

We have been learning about all the different types of 'balls' there are that we use in every day life: sports, body parts and those we eat like meatballs. Last week we designed our very own ball. We decided to make a wallpaper to hang up in our classroom with our designs. It will probably take us all week but here are some photos from today! (30.11.20)

In Maths this week we have been learning about Direction and Position. We made our own 'paths' using shops as landmarks, telling our own stories! (26.11.20)

Thursday baking and today we made 'Peppermint Creams'. We made two portions! one dipped in milk chocolate and one dipped in dark chocolate! Amazingly they all disappeared!! (26.11.20)

Today in 'Thursday Baking' we made some teeth! We used biscuits, red icing and marshmallows! The children used their fine motor skills placing the tiny marshmallows onto the 'gums'! Lots of fun, as usual (19.11.20)

Let's do some number work from 0-5. We played 'Kim's Game' and then we made a numberline around the missing number! (18.11.20)

We have been reading a book called 'No Dinner!' which is set in India. This afternoon we tried some Indian foods: Naan bread, popadums and mango chutney. The fact that ALL the children asked for 'second helpings' proves its success! All children tried the mango chutney even if it was just a tip of the tongue taste!! (13.11.20)

Let's come dressed up Pudsey Style! (13.11.20)

We have been learning about Children In Need this week (as well as Remembrance Day). We coloured our biscuits yellow today and then decorated them with spots (smarties!). They don't look anything like Pudsey Bear but we tried!! (12.11.20)

What better than to make Sparklers in class today and then eat them! Of course it is 'Baking Thursday' and we had so much fun with these this afternoon! Be safe tonight Reception! (5.11.20)

PE is on Friday 6th November (and every Friday this half term). Please do not forget your kits: black shorts, white tshirt and pumps. Thank you 

Today we learnt about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We discussed how we need to be safe around fireworks. We went outside and experienced a 'sparkler' ~ lots of fun in Reception! (4.11.20)

Before half term we read a book about 'Dirtie Bertie' and how he did disgusting things like pick his nose and eat off the floor! So we did a 'germ' experiment. Today we came back to look at the findings ~ and how important it is to wash our hands and keep them clean (and not to eat food from the dirty floor!). We also carefully used real tools to open up some pumpkins to get the pips out! This was a lot of fun (under the watchful eye of Miss Megan!). Tomorrow we will count the pips. (2.11.20)

What did the Three Bears make with the left over porridge oats? Flapjacks of course!!! (22.10.20)

We have been so busy being back at school this week! We have been 'Learning to Read', playing with our new construction box and learning all about 'Dirty Bertie' and his germs! (21.10.20)

Surprise from Sparkles! (14.10.20)

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Still image for this video
Message to Reception children and parents from Mr. Simpson

*Reception Class 2-week isolation*

Good morning parents and carers.


Today is the first morning of a 2-week isolation period for Nursery and Reception children following a positive Covid-19 case within the bubble.  The children will return on Monday 19th October.  In the meantime, this class page will be the main area for accessing work, instructions, videos etc. to help make sure that your child continues to learn over the next fortnight.  It is so important that we work together to ensure the children's learning doesn't stop due to this unfortunate break from school.  Please click on the yellow star below, which takes you to all the daily tasks, instructions and updates.


If you have a question, comment or concern, please use the simple form below to contact Miss Gold and Miss Ashley, who will be working from home and is ready to help.


Kind regards,


Rob Simpson

(Head Teacher)

Teacher contact form

Please use this simple form if you have a question, comment or concern while the Reception class is isolating at home. Miss Gold and Miss Ashley are working from home and will try to respond to your contact as soon as possible.

Welcome to our Reception Class

In our Reception class you will find the teachers called Miss Gold and the Learning Support Assistants are Miss Ashley and Miss Megan. We are very excited to get to know the Reception class and continuing our Learning Journey!


Please look at the Reception door, the website and Twitter for updates that you may need. 


* Please don't forget your £1 snack/baking money every week.

* Please remember to bring in book bags every day.

* Please remember to bring in your child's named water bottle.


Welcome to Reception in Norman Pannell Primary School where we love to learn both indoors and outdoors. We have lots of opportunities to learn through active play, investigations, stories and visits. 


We strive to ignite children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, building capacity, to learn, build relationships and thrive. Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Reception over the year. Please note that these can change depending on the interests of the children! 


If you have any questions, news or worries then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Reception Team.


We decided to bake today! Rock Cakes ~ although they tasted delicious! We have been learning about our numbers today and making sure we can write our names! (30.9.20)

Here are a few of the messy things we have been getting up to in class over the last few days. We were supposed to use chalk to draw shapes but ended up drawing over ourselves instead (!). Today we bakes colour monster cookies!! #yummy (24.9.20)

Today we were working on our fine motor skills and writing our names! (22.10.20)

The outcome of the cakes! (17.9.20)

Thursday is baking day! We are making cupcakes and using all the wonderful baking words such as: mixing, spreading, folding, pouring! We hope they taste nice! (17.9.20)

In Reception today we experienced the weekly 'Balance Bikes' which helps our core muscles, balance and co ordination. We went out in 3 groups! Some of us are ready for pedal bikes already! whoop!! (16.9.20)

In class today we discussed our colours...we went to find all of our colours in the classroom! We also had fun playing outside with our friends (15.9.20)

Today we told our friends what was in our 'All about Me' bags! We all sat beautifully and listened to eachother! (14.9.20)