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Year 6 Summer Home Learning

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a free platform which is accessible on any device including mobiles. There are no sign ups or logins required. Oak offers pupils online lessons and resources. The lessons are structured in a series of 'building blocks' and contain a starter quiz, finishing quiz and an activity.  Each session contains a pre-recorded video lesson taught by a teacher.


All lessons are available now and over the summer to catch up on any missed learning. Below, are links to some of the key objectives that need to be covered.


Year 6  Missing Angles and Lengths


Lesson 1 - Find the value of missing angles


Lesson 2 - Compare and classify triangles


Lesson 3 - Compare and classify quadrilaterals


Lesson 4 –To apply length conversions to problems


 Lesson 5 – Calculate unknown angles in quadrilaterals


Year 6 - Coordinates and Shapes


Lesson 1 – To describe coordinate positions on a grid


Lesson 2 - To translate simple shapes


Lesson 3 –To reflect simple shapes


Lesson 4 –To solve practical coordinate problems


Lesson 5 - To solve practical coordinate problems


Lesson 6 - To solve practical coordinate problems


Lesson 7 - Coordinates and shapes: To recognise nets of 3-D shapes


Lesson 8 - Coordinates and shapes: To solve problems involving 3-D shapes


Lesson 9 - Coordinates and shapes: To illustrate and name parts of a circle


Lesson 10 - Coordinates and shapes: To solve practical problems involving circles


Year 6 Percentages and statistics


Lesson 1 – Understand percentages


Lesson 2 – Equivalences between FDP


Lesson 3 - Problems with percentages of amounts


Lesson 4 – Interpret mean as an average


Lesson 5 Interpret line graphs


Lesson 6 – Construct line graphs


Lesson 7– Interpret pie charts


Year 6 Proportion problems


Lesson 1 – Use fractions to express proportions


Lesson 2 – Use ratio to express relationships


Lesson 3 – Scale factor in shapes


Lesson 4 – Solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities - Part 1


Lesson 5 – Solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities - Part 2


Lesson 6 – Ratio problems.


Lesson 7 – Unequal sharing.


Lesson 8 – Unequal sharing problems






Good afternoon parents,


It has been wonderful to have a growing number of Year 6 children back into school in the last two weeks.  For so long, school just wasn't school but now it's coming back to life and, importantly, we are able to give Year 6 an ending to their primary school life together.


Understandably, there were mixed feelings for many of you about your child returning to school, but as some children have happily returned and as the local and national Covid-19 data has improved, so confidence and numbers have risen.


A year group with 19 children and a maximum bubble size of 15 was never going to be easy, and we are now going to be going above 15 as a few more children have returned this week.  This left us with the same scenario that most schools have been dealing with in Y6 across the country - the prospect of splitting the year group up into separate bubbles for their last few days supposedly 'together'.


The last thing we wanted is for this fantastic year group to be divided, as they have consistently been one of the most united, well-behaved, friendly year groups throughout their journey at Norman Pannell.  So, we have come up with a solution that will allow as close to 'normal' as possible for every child and a happy end to Year 6.


From tomorrow (Wednesday), the class will be split into two 'mini-bubbles', but sharing the main hall.  We have to keep them 'apart' at all times (2m +), although they will be sharing the same large space.  Benches will form a division down the middle of the hall, which the children (and adults) cannot cross.  This will allow them to be taught together, communicate, work together and relax together.  They will eat lunch together in the hall at their desks and will share the same playtimes together, albeit with a boundary in between designated spaces on the yard or field. 


This solution has been approved by the Local Authority Health and Safety advisor.  The only additional measure is that the two mini-bubbles will need to arrive at very slightly different times in the morning to prevent them from mixing (see below) and of course observe social distancing if they find themselves together outside the gate.  School will still finish at 3:15pm for both groups.  I am sure you will agree that it is worth putting these minimal measures into place so that the children can remain together until the last day on Friday 17th July.


This afternoon, the children and teachers have discussed the two mini-bubbles.  Please see below:


Y6 Bubble A

(arrive at 8:50am)

Y6 Bubble B

(arrive 9:00am)


















The hall is set up and ready to go for tomorrow.  Please ensure your child is on time at the gate at the given time, again respecting social distancing outside the gate.


Kind regards,


Mr. Simpson, Miss Harrison, Miss Lamont and Mrs. Kelly





Welcome back Year 6!  We've missed you.  I am so pleased that you will have the chance to come back to Norman Pannell to enjoy the last 4 weeks of your primary school life.  School will be a little bit different in some ways, as I will explain, but you will still have the chance to be with friends, brush up on your skills, learn some interesting new things and prepare for moving on with your transition to secondary school.


I have included some photos below to show you some of the differences you will see, so they are not a shock to you next week.  The most important priority for us is your safety, and the safety of your parents and our staff.  Although the risk of Coronavirus is now very low, we must remember that there is still a risk wherever we go, including school, which means that we need to learn a few new routines and keep thinking at all times.


The two main ways you can help us to help you are:

  1. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!  Stay 2m away from your friends and adults at all times.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS - Wash your hands regularly to stop the spread of any germs (not just Coronavirus), keeping the school clean and hygienic.


Arriving at School

When you arrive in the morning, you need to come in through a different entrance.  Because we have to stay apart, we can't all come through one gate, so Y6 have their very own gate near the Junior Yard.  Miss Harrison, or a member of staff will open the big gate at 8:50.  If you arrive a bit earlier, please remember that you need to stand 2m apart from other children and their parents.  We've put some tape on the fencing to remind you (see picture).


When you come onto the playground, you will be asked to line up in your usual place, but again, remember the 2 metre rule.  From there, you will go into class - remembering to wash your hands before sitting down at your desk.


In the classroom

The desks have been arranged into a grid, so only a maximum of 13 children can be in the class at a time.  If we get more than 13 children back, we will move into the hall, where the desks will be set up in the same way, meaning we can have up to a maximum of 15 children.  Although you won't be able to sit together in groups, you will still be 'at home', back with your friends and teachers, who are desperate to see you!  It is important to note that government guidance currently say that a 'bubble' (group) of children CANNOT go beyond 15.  Therefore, if we find we have 16 or more Y6 children back, we will need to split up into two groups.  If this happens, the two groups will not be allowed to mix.  As things stand, we can't have all of the Year 6 children back together in one group.


We need to make the most of the four weeks we have got left.  Firstly, we want to see how you are, giving the chance to talk about your experiences of the last few months.  Some of you might be a bit worried.  Some of you might have enjoyed the 'break'.  Some of you may have been lonely.  Whatever you are feeling at the moment, that is fine.  We want the last four weeks to bring you back to a sense of normality, ready to move on with confidence to secondary school.


Around school

You will see from the pictures below, moving around school will be very different.  Firstly, you will need to keep 2m apart at all times.  The corridors have tape and arrows on the floor to remind you to walk on the left hand side and not bump into people or get too close.  In the dinner hall, the tables and chairs are set out so that you can sit apart from each other.


Sometimes you might forget and accidentally move too close to someone.  Don't worry - it takes a bit of getting used to and the teachers know that.  We have just got to keep reminding each other and get used to staying apart.



Usually at the start of July, you would go to your secondary school on 'Transition Day' with all the other children from different schools.  This year, that unfortunately can't happen.  However, the secondary schools are coming up with new and interesting ways of showing you the school, meeting teachers and doing some activities that will mean that you can get to know your new school without leaving home or our classroom.  This will happen 'virtually', using websites, virtual tours and video messages.



As the government keeps telling us, there is less chance of spreading germs and viruses if we are outside.  That means that we will also be eating outside when we can.  We would like children to bring healthy packed lunches, which will be kept under your own table in class (instead of on the trolley).  If you usually have a school dinner, that's fine, Angie will often be making lunches that can be eaten outside or in your classroom like a picnic.  If we do have to have lunch in the hall, you will see from the picture below that you will be spaced out on the tables, far enough apart to follow the rules, but close enough to talk to each other.  If you are queuing for your lunch, again, you will need to queue up 2m apart, just like when you go to the shops.


For parents who have been receiving Free School Meal vouchers, if your child is coming back into school, your voucher will stop until the end of term, but then start again in the summer holidays.  If you usually pay for your lunches, please continue to pay as normal.



If you are coming back to school, it is important to be back into the routine.  This class have had exceptional attendance over the years, so let's finish off in the same way.  We expect full attendance, every day, on time at 8:55 as normal.



As some people may have grown out of some uniform, we are not insisting on strict uniform.  However, we would encourage uniform if possible, so that you finish your time at Norman Pannell looking smart in the school colours.  If that's not possible, you will not get into trouble.  Please make sure you have sensible footwear on: no open-toe sandals and please don't wear expensive new clothes that might get dirty.


Right, that's it from me, we're really looking forward to seeing you on Monday.  Make sure you get back into a good sleeping routine over the weekend so that you can get up bright and early for school on Monday.  Have a lovely weekend, and don't worry about a thing!


Kind regards,

Mr. Simpson

Working from home...

Before School closed we provided children with work to take home. In Year 6 the children have been provided with CPG Revision Workbooks for Reading, Maths and SPAG. This should keep them busy for a long time. Although your child is not going to be sitting SATS these books will help them with all the skills they will need for secondary schools.

In addition to this the children have been given a school project to complete on World War 1 and 2. They have been provided with an exercise book and materials for this today.

As always your child will have access to Reading Plus and TT Rock stars online. The children have been provided with login and password  details for these websites today, although many of the children already know these.

They will also bring home individual login details for Classroom Secret Games, these are high quality games that are in line with the Year 6 Program of Study.


World War 1 and 2 project ideas and structure

Welcome to Year 6


Hi and welcome to Year 6's class page! Our Teacher this year is Miss Harrison and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Kelly.


P.E this term will be on a Tuesday and swimming will be on a Monday.  


Reading books will be sent home daily and must be brought back into school everyday. 


Homework will be handed out on Fridays and needs to be returned no later than Wednesdays for marking and new homework to be set.


Thanks for your continued support.

Use the link below to keep up to date with pictures of our class.