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Year 6 Parents - YC5 Transition Webinars

Year 6 Parents,

Merseyside Youth Association have been piloting a parent/carer focused course 'Youth Connect 5 In Transit'. This is a course, specifically focusing on supporting the transition from year 6-7. The course consists of five 2hr sessions looking at some of the key changes that are taking place as children transition from primary school to secondary school. The course focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the wondering world of the teenage brain!

MYA are looking to pilot the course over 5 consecutive evenings next week 7-9pm  (13th-17th July). They are looking for volunteer parent/carers that feel they will benefit from a bit of extra support during this transition period. All sessions will take place online over Zoom.

If you feel you would benefit, please sign up here: