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Y3/4 Colomendy Day 1

Greetings from Colomendy!!!


It's Mr. Simpson here from the teacher's room, stealing a few minutes of peace to update you while the children are flopped out on beanbags enjoying a film. Unfortunately we only have a few photos to share tonight due to a connection problem here with the main camera, but we will be able to upload loads more great pictures tomorrow.


The children have had a brilliant first half day here.  On arrival, we had the usual amusement of watching the children attempt to put their duvet covers and pillow cases on.  We got there in the end and unpacked (clothes and mountains of sweets!!!)


We then had some free time to play out on the field before going in for dinner.  The children had a lot to choose from and everyone ate enough, with some making numerous trips to the salad bar.  This was all followed by donuts and the children seemed happy!


Back outside, we headed into the forest for a night time activity, with one group doing 'Jungle Vines' while the did 'Balance Beam' nearby.  All of the children at least had a go and many surprised themselves, feeling proud of their achievements.


Now the children are enjoying movie night, tucking into more sugary sweets before we attempt to get them to sleep in a while - please wish us luck!


All the children are having a great time so please don't worry, just try to enjoy the peace and quiet!