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Slow Down for Bobby - Author Visit

Yesterday, author Jude Lennon came to visit Norman Pannell...


When Liverpool schoolboy, Bobby Colleran, age 6, was involved in a tragic accident outside his school in 2014, his parents asked author Jude Lennon to write a book to raise awareness about school road safety. Jude wrote a book called "Superbob" which includes all the things that Bobby loved: superheroes, cowboy hats and his green bike! Jude even managed to write Bobby's favourite saying, "I'm fuming!" in the book!


A copy of this book has been left in school for all children to access and learn about road safety; not just for children but also for adults. This is why, near schools, the speed limit is now 20 mph.


Together we can make a difference and our school roads will be safe!


Please see the English Curriculum page for photos...