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Onwards and Upwards! Summer building work complete

So much has happened during the summer holidays, the end of July seems like a lifetime ago!  An army of people have been busy on a number of changes around school which will combine to create a much enhanced learning environment for children, staff and parents (see photos below).


Work completed include:

  • Bluebells Nursery moving into old Y5&6 classrooms, adapting spaces for children from 0-4
  • Widening of path at the back of the building and installation of low-level wall; altering walk-ways between classrooms to ease congestion
  • Deep clean of the whole school
  • Installation of new carpet in all classrooms to enhance learning environments
  • Upgrade of smartboards / projectors in each classroom
  • Alterations to toilets to accommodate classroom moves
  • New cloakroom for Y4 & Y5.
  • Conversion of old community room into new Y1 classroom
  • Bi-folding doors between Nursery and Reception to give option of acoustic barrier between classes during quiet times e.g. phonics
  • Removal of ivy from chimney at front of the building


Thank you very much to Mal O'Rourke (caretaker), Ms. Linforth and the cleaning team for the tremendous effort they put in to improve our school during the holidays.