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Odd Socks Day Wednesday 16th November 2022

This week marks Anti-Bullying Week from 14th - 18th November 2022.
The theme this year is “Reach out to stop bullying.” In order to celebrate diversity, we will participate in ‘Odd Socks Day’ on Wednesday 16th November 2022. Children must wear their uniform to school, but can also wear colourful odd socks to signify that we are all different and all equal. It is a great opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique! No monetary contribution is required to take part. 
During lunchtimes this week, a sketch pad and coloured pencils (lead by our Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies from Year 6) will be available in the computer room for children from all years to write kind messages and help children reach out to each other in a positive way. 

There will be an Anti-Bullying assembly and children will be participating in surveys in our determination to tackle and reduce all instances of bullying, which will be discussed at school council.