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NP Y6 make BIG impression

I've nearly caught up on sleep following Friday's fantastic Y6 leavers' celebration, which included a performance, prize giving, limo tour, party and sleepover in the school.  It was a fabulous day with lots of great feedback, but one particular comment has really caught my eye.


The party organisers were 'Angels and Scallies' - the second time they have provided the Y6 party at our school.  It was a brilliant event, enjoyed by all the children and parents alike.  Posting on their Facebook page, Diane from 'Angels and Scallies' wrote the following about our school:


"Tonight I cried at work throwing a party for children who had impeccable manners, danced non stop and behaved so well...  The appreciation of these kids was hearwarming - I'll never forget them."


(see full post below)


This was followed by her comment: "They are having a sleepover too - the school are fantastic!"


I am so proud of the Y6 children for making such a positive impression.  Thank you once again to Angels and Scallies for a fantastic party!