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Local Hub for Children at Norman Pannell

Dear parents / carers,


The local authority have chosen Norman Pannell to be one of the designated 'hubs' in the city, providing childcare for the children identified by the government.  All eligible children from Norman Pannell - and those from any other schools in the local area - are free to join us from Monday morning.


Please click the link below for more details:


Further details and clarification to follow.  I will be at a meeting at 4pm with other hub host schools and will update this webpage as soon as I can.  I will also be working closely with the leaders of St. Gregory's and perhaps other local schools to create the best possible solution.


Can I take this opportunity to warmly welcome any children from other schools to our local community Hub.  I want to reassure parents that our provision will be managed by leaders and staff from other schools working together, with familiar faces, teamwork, happiness and positivity.  If eligible, you and your child will be very welcome.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Rob Simpson