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Extra-curricular clubs for Spring 1 2022

We are pleased to announce our range of extra-curricular clubs for the coming half term.  These clubs change every half term and are tailored towards specific age ranges so that children have a choice of activities at different times during the year.  The activities below begin on Tuesday 11th January, starting with Gymnastics for Y3/4 and Computing for Y5/6.


We are proud to offer all of our clubs free of charge to parents and carers; we invest in this because we are inclusive and believe that all children should have access to a range of exciting activities outside of classroom time.


For the first time, we have been asked by some parents of children in Reception whether after school clubs are possible and so we are arranging for Dance to be the first Early Years activity after half term in Feburary.


We encourage children to regularly participate in any of our clubs by rewarding them with Children's University credits, which accumulate over the course of the year, leading to a graduation event at the end of the year, should they gain enough credits and qualify.