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Coronavirus Update - School is still OPEN

Good morning everyone,


Following government instruction, school remains OPEN today.


Please follow guidelines strictly regarding keeping children off school and contact the school if you are keeping your child off.  Some parents have asked me about concerns with attendance - your child's, family's and public health is more important than your child's attendance and children who are off linked to Coronavirus will NOT be fined for pupil unauthorised absence.  Please ensure you phone school to keep us updated.


As with other schools, we have members of staff off following precautionary advice, however, we have plans in place and are ready for the day ahead.


Children working at home:

Teachers will be uploading work to the class pages, with links to various games and resources.  As there are already a large number of children off, we will be mainly providing home learning activities through the website.  We will also be making paper activity packs available.  The website and other activities can be accessed through PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, Xbox and PS4.  Paper packs can only last so long, so in the event of a long period of closure, online learning will take the priority.