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Barnstondale - Day 2

What a fantastic day!  When you ask one child what their favourite activity was, they say kayaking, when you ask another it is archery, or 5-a-side in the sports hall, or climbing... the list goes on.  


After not nearly enough sleep, we all got stuck into a cooked breakfast this morning before heading out for a big day of activities.  Kayaking on West Kirby Marine Lake was a big hit with all of the children and staff (see pictures).


"I loved archery!" said Lacey, "it was fun learning how to shoot the bow and arrow and trying to hit the target.  I hit the red but Ellie hit the gold bullseye!"


"The food here is outstanding," enthused Leighton, "I can't say a bad thing about it!  My favourite was the chicken nuggets."


Louis says: "I liked kayaking the best because it was fun to learn how to turn and move forward, and it was funny when Mike (the instructor) made us do the surfer challenge.  I was the best surfer all day because I stayed up for 9 seconds before I fell in!"


The children are currently enjoying the games room all around me, playing pool, snooker and table tennis whilst spending their tuck money on sweets and gifts for their brothers and sisters.  Soon we'll be lighting the coals for the evening BBQ.  I have a feeling they will be tired tonight!