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Barnstondale - Day 1

Good evening parents!  I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and peaceful Friday night back in Liverpool.  We have had a fantastic first day here at Barnstondale - to quote Brian, "It's boss here - we've deffo got to come here again in Year 6!"


After arriving at about 11am, the children had a tour of the site and then headed out into the woods for a picnic. Then the teachers enjoyed watching the children attempt to make their beds, with duvet covers and pillow cases flying around in all directions!


When I arrived at about 5pm, the children were enjoying the freedom of the adventure playground, sensory garden and sports area, before heading to the dinner hall.  Everyone ate well and Group A completely tidied the hall and washed up every single dish.  Brooklyn was a star!


Then it was down into the woods again for the River Walk (see pictures) which was hilarious!  Most agreed that it was the best activity EVER!  After a shower and visit to the tuck shop, it was time for the campfire - toasting marshmallows whilst singing songs and listening to Miss Harrison and Miss Murphy's cheesy cheese jokes.


Now the children are finishing a quiz in the hall above our dorms, and the children will soon be in bed (although I'm not sure how much sleep they'll be getting...)


Looking forward to kayaking, abseiling, climbing and archery tomorrow...