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1-day Makeover - PTA brighten up the school

Many thanks to the army of helpers who gave up a full day during half term yesterday, to brighten up the front of the school to provide a warm welcome to children, parents, staff and visitors.


The fences and railings at the front, and on the infant yard were painted by parents, governors, children and school staff using paint kindly donated by local partners.  


A lot of work was done in the EYFS garden to remove sharp thorn bushes and create a lighter, more spacious feel.  We even discovered a hibernating hedge hog buried in the bushes.  Meanwhile, children enjoyed playing on a bouncy castle, racing up and down on scooters and playing football.  At lunchtime, we all sat down in the hall for a chippy lunch.  


It was a great day, with a wonderful community atmosphere, making a huge impact to our school.  We are hoping to organise another similar event when the weather allows and the more helpers we have, the more we can achieve!