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Music - Long Term Map 2019-2020

Music Lessons


At Norman Pannell we teach music lessons weekly to each class using our fantastic  music programme called 'Charanga'. Each year group follows a different unit of work each half-term.


Each lesson is broken up into 3 parts:


  • Listening and Appraising - The children listen to different styles of music and offer their comments about whether they enjoyed the music, what style it was, talk about the pulse and rhythm and what instruments they could here.
  • Musical activities - The children learn about different aspects of music (pulse/rhythm/tempo/dynamics) through different games as well as learning how to warm up their bodies, faces and voices in order to give the best performance.
  • Performance -Throughout each half-term, every class will learn a different song. They work together to learn and practise the words first and then add instruments to compliment the music. 


Keep an eye out on this page for pictures/videos of class performances!

Peace Proms Concert


What an amazing day we had on Saturday at the Peace Proms concert. The children loved being a part of the Liverpool Peace choir with 2000 other children from schools across Merseyside! It was such a great learning opportunity for the choir, singing songs about Peace and Unity and an amazing experience to be able to sing alongside the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland, the soloists, various musicians and the wonderful Irish and Highland dancers. A wonderfully inspirational day overall!


Have a look below at some pictures and video snippets of songs throughout the concert. The choir were amazing!

Best Time Ever

Still image for this video

Soloist and Orchestra - Zombies by The Cranberries

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I Sing Out

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You're the Voice

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Peace Proms 2018


Below is the song booklet, audio and video files for our Peace Proms concert that will be held in the Echo Arena on Saturday 26th January 2019. Please use the music below to practise at home.

Boogie Medley - With Vocals.mp3

I Sing Out - Vocals.mp3

Make Some Noise in E - Vocals.mp3

Matilda - Vocals w count.mp3

Pop Medley 2019 aug 31 with vocals.mp3

The Greatest Showman - VOCALS w count.mp3

Youre The Voice - Chorus Only - Vocals.mp3


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Years 3,4 & 6 Samba


Children from years 3,4 & 6 had the opportunity last week to form their own Samba band with the help of student teachers from Liverpool Hope University.

The children only had one afternoon with the student teachers to learn their piece and put it together for a whole school performance!

Everyone had a fantastic time and put on a brilliant show!

Norman Pannell choir at the Anglican Cathedral