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MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

Intent of MFL


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Futures.


In Spanish, we encourage children to explore and question language through active games, song and actions. By approaching Spanish with a focus on investigation and communication children will be able to go forward with the confidence to embrace communicating with other communities, developing a love for languages.


Implementation of MFL

Spanish Long Term Overview

Impact of MFL


This year's Spanish Week was a fantastic success. The aim of the week was to celebrate the Spanish language and cultures.

It was lovely to see both the children and staff dressed up in the colours of the Spanish flag as well as traditional clothes and colourful flamenco dresses.

The children took part in a range of Spanish themed activities these included: flamenco dancing, cooking a range of Spanish tapas, making Sangria, learning Spanish songs, food tasting, P4C, creating leaflets about cities, writing instructions and letters of complaint about bull fighting.

The children also created some fantastic artwork based on Miro, Dali and Juan Gris.

We also had a special visitor from the Spanish Embassy in Manchester who told traditional Spanish stories using finger puppets and used instructions in Spanish to make Origami flowers.

Our amazing cooks prepared a typical Spanish menu for lunch. It was a truly memorable week!

Spanish lessons

Spanish display



EYFS/Key Stage 1:

All children in these classes will learn basic words and phrases with their class teacher over the course of the year. They will look at numbers 1-10 and colours, even classroom instructions.



Key Stage 2:

Every Thursday all children in Key Stage 2 participate in a Spanish lesson, led by Melissa our Spanish teacher. All class teachers work with their classes to encourage a love and passion for learning a modern foreign language. The children build on their subject knowledge as they continue into the different classes, over the years at Norman Pannell.