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Liverpool English Curriculum - School Improvement Liverpool Overview

Long Term English Plans 2016-2017

Here at Norman Pannell Primary School we believe that literacy transforms lives and that better literacy creates more opportunities to succeed in life. We strive to encourage our pupils to embrace literacy and explore reading, writing, speaking and listening skills using a variety of teaching methods, across a range of different lessons.



We have a wide variety of reading books linked with our core scheme, Oxford Reading Tree, which is highly structured, introducing new words in a controlled way.  Children also get the chance to read books of their own choice and from other schemes, thus giving breadth of coverage, widening interest and increasing independence.  Once a teacher judges that a child has become an able reader, the child will have greater opportunities to choose their own books to read, encouraging reading for pleasure. 

English lessons, which take place in some form daily in every class, will frequently contain a session of Shared Reading, during which the class will follow a text as the teacher reads it, or read it with the teacher.  There will also be Guided Reading sessions during the week, in which a group of children of similar ability work with the teacher, improving specific reading skills, such as, decoding, inference and deduction. 

Reading is taught in a variety of ways throughout the child's time in school; this may include reading with a teacher or volunteer, silent reading, or paired reading with another child.  A great deal of reading is also developed through other subjects and daily classroom life.

We would like to emphasise that teaching a child to read is a partnership between home and school.  We depend on parents to give children this individual time - just five minutes spent reading with your child each day helps to build the child's interest and confidence.  It is important that you talk about the book before and after you listen to the child read.  It is also important that this does not stop as soon as a child is able to read independently; discussion of plot, characters, etc. is very helpful even in Y6. All children are provided with a reading book and a home reading record. We ask that when you hear your child read you record it in the record book. This, along with their reading book needs to be returned to school each day, so children can continue to read this book in school and so teachers can monitor their progress.



At Norman Pannell Primary School we use phonics to ensure that every single child in our school gets the very best support in learning to read and write. We teach synthetic phonics following the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme in a systematic way, driving up standards in reading and writing. Children have a discrete lesson once a day in phonics or spellings throughout the school. At the end of year one children will be expected to complete the phonics screening check which emphasises the importance of phonics in ensuring every child becomes a successful reader.



We place a strong emphasis on phonics when children begin to write, so children will start to try making up their own words by using the sounds they know.  However, they are encouraged to look at the way words are spelled correctly, and with encouragement build up a sight vocabulary of common words.  From Year 1 onwards, children will begin to take home spellings to learn.  They will be taught a variety of methods for learning spellings; it helps if you can encourage them to use these methods to learn the words, rather than just test them.

Ways of writing effectively in different styles and for different purposes are modelled by the teacher in English lessons, and children then work on their own pieces of writing alone or in pairs or groups, sometimes supported by the teacher.  Children learn  improve on their writing by responding to a quality mark.  They are encouraged to use an adventurous range of vocabulary, as well as correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

It is very important that children learn to form their letters correctly, and they are taught this at specific times during the school week.  Later, they will be taught to join their letters and write in a joined script, and encouraged to consider the most attractive ways of presenting their work. 


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (GPS)

Through a structured approach  and discrete lessons we aim for all children to leave primary school with a sound grasp of essential English skills. GPS is taught across the whole school and year will develop pupil’s knowledge and build on previous years learning. Children will be taught to have a technical understanding of how the English language works. As well as being able to spell words correctly, use a wide range of vocabulary and punctuate well, they need to grasp the meaning of grammatical terms such as noun, verb, adjective, prefix, pronoun and adverb, know what phrases and clauses are and how to use them, understand what connectives are and how they work and much more.

This March class 3 were lucky enough to be invited to the second annual opening of the Little Big Library! The library is organised by Gateacre School and can be found in Belle Valle Shopping Centre. We were not the only special guests - opening the library were Gogglebox's Leon and June! Both were lovely and, as you can see, had an excellent chat with our pupils.

Stay, Read & Eat! Autumn Term 2015

We have had the most fantastic week with parents coming in between 9-9:30am every morning to have breakfast and read with their child(ren). Bacon sandwiches, toast, tea, coffee and breakfast bars were on offer to all parents/carers who attended! The children enjoyed them too!

The children thoroughly enjoyed bringing in their favourite book from home, and sharing the enjoyment of 'reading for pleasure' smiley. Feedback from parents has been very positive and this will now be a termly event no



Reading Revolutionaries in Norman Pannell Primary

Reading Revolutionaries has now been up and running in our school since last academic year. Children in Y5 and Y6 were trained by an outside professional to be a role model for another child in the school ~ who they read with once a week on a 1:1 basis.


The aim of this is to spread a Reading Revolution and to ensure that every child becomes a reader. The children involved attend the session every Wednesday for 20 minutes, in the library and just love reading with their peers.



Are you looking for a reading group or activities?


Please find below some links to Reading Groups for Adults, Children and activities available at Calderstones Park Mansion House. All the family can get involved to Read for Pleasure at your own leisure smiley



Our Reading Revolutionaries in our school library!

Reading Revolutionaries: Spring 2016

Are you looking for a course to support your child's learning?

If you are looking for a course to support your child's learning at home, please click on the link below. They have courses such as: Helping your child with their homework, E-Safety for parents and learning how to write CVs.

Author, Robert Bullock, visited the school and did workshops with all classes! This is our Early Years with Robert...(2.3.16)

We have been celebrating World Book Day (WBD) all week but today we had celebrations all round! Starting off with all classes having a 'mystery book' ~ a book that had been wrapped in brown paper with only the first sentence, paragraph or page written on the front! The children in every class were desperate to open it to find out what was inside the wrapping! This happened in the afternoon of WBD!

Did many of you get it right?!!


All the children and staff put in so much effort with their outfits! We came dressed up as a book character and this morning we didn't even recognise Miss Lewis! The new red hair-do suited her!surprise


Miss Lamont then felt that as she looked the best (!) she wanted a catwalk for all to see her amazing outfit (and an excuse for her to sing 'Let it go'!). All classes went to the hall for a catwalk and photo opportunities!


This afternoon, children will be talking about books and how important it is to 'read for pleasure'. Activities are taking place across school promoting the importance of WBD. We hope you like our photos!!!


Well Done Everybody! Such a fantastic day. no

When the Head Teacher's away....this is how we celebrate World Book Day!!!

Extreme Reading Competition and Book Swap Shed

We had a fantastic response to the Extreme Reading competition and seeing that some of you 'read for pleasure' in the strangest places! sad Well done to our winners: Enyah Maher (EYFS), Georgia Swift (KS1) and Lee Saxon (KS2). All photos can be viewed on the display board in our reception entrance (next to the reading garden).

After discussing with the children what they would also like to see in our school, we have built a Book Swap Shed. Y3, along with Miss Lamont, decorated the shed using their favourite book titles.

If you would like to use the Book Swap Shed then all you need to do is:

Bring a book in from home that you have finished with and would recommend as good read.

Swap if for another book in the shed.

It's as easy as that no.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Craig Bradley 'The Poetry Bloke' comes to Norman Pannell Primary!

Reception uses Norman Pannell's revamped library...'Reading for Pleasure'.


Welcome to this free eBooks collection, developed for children aged 3 - 11 years old. Help your young child learn to read with The Oxford Reading Tree (featuring our much-loved Biff, Chip and Kipper characters)  or simply browse our range of over 200 eBooks for inspiration. All you need to do is register for free and then enjoy all the ebooks from the comfort of your own home! Can also be used on your travels if you have a tablet. surprise

Happy Reading Everyone!

Reception and Year 6 go to the Library to 'Read for Pleasure'....

Today Y6 and Reception went to the local library in Lee Valley with the purpose of Reading for Pleasure with each other. Every Reception child was paired up with a Y6 child ~ they walked to the library together, chose a book and then the Y6 read it to the Reception child. It was a great school trip and there was a lot of book-talk taking place. The Librarians commented on the 'event' and gave every Y6 child a book to take home to read. Georgia in Y6 said "It was an amazing time reading with the little ones and seeing how much they enjoy reading even though they are 5!"


Reading Revolutionaries collect our 'GOLD' award for the Reading Quality Mark! (30.9.16)

It was a proud day for our Reading Revolutionaries, who represented Norman Pannell Primary at Central Library. Lewis, Holly, Ruby, Ellie and Ben played vital parts helping us gain a GOLD award in the Reading Quality Mark.

Understanding the importance of Reading for Pleasure, our Y6 children along with Mr Simpson and myself, stepped up on the stage to collect our certificate and plaque which will be displayed in our reception area close to our Reading Garden.

Well done everyone!

Author Jude Lennon comes in to read "Superbob" to Norman Pannell children. A book written about Road Safety.

When Bobby Colleran, age 6, was involved in a tragic accident outside his school in 2014, his parents asked author Jude Lennon to write a book to raise awareness about school road safety. Jude wrote a book called "Superbob" which includes all the things that Bobby loved: superheroes, cowboy hats and his green bike! Jude even managed to write Bobby's favourite saying, "I'm fuming!" in the book!

A copy of this book has been left in school for all children to access and learn about road safety; not just for children but also for adults. This is why, near schools, the speed limit is now 20 mph.

Together we can make a difference and our school roads will be safe!

Book People mobile Book Bus visits Norman Pannell Primary School (4.11.16)

We loved having the Book People bus visit Norman Pannell today so that we could, yet again, read for pleasure! The bus arrived at 8am and didn't leave until after school finished! Open to parents/carers and children; we were able to hop aboard and look at the array of books. Some made Christmas and birthday lists too!

Even the teachers spent lots of money buying books and games!

All children has a session throughout the day to look, read for pleasure and purchase books!


The Book Bus has been booked again for March 2017 surprise

Pantomime visits Norman Pannell Primary! (7.11.16)

Today the whole school came together to help Peter Pan find Wendy who had been captured by the evil Captain Hook! Yet again, the fabulous M&M Productions came to Norman Pannell Primary to perform their yearly pantomime just in time for the festivities! There was singing, dancing, "over there!" and audience participation....Miss Harrison and Miss Standaloft danced "Strictly" with the characters and showed the children how they can dance smiley.

A fantastic afternoon as you can see by the photos.

Peter Pan performs at Norman Pannell Primary ~ "Oh! no he didn't!" "Oh! yes he did!" (7.11.16)

Jude Lennon visits our school again to deliver a whole morning of Christmas Storytelling (8.12.16)

This morning we were delighted to invite back Jude Lennon who worked with the whole school on Christmas Storytelling. She arrived with her green sack covered in lambs, and engaged the children with props for her stories! There was audience participation and some of her stories even had some familiar characters...such as Miss Ashley and Miss Threadgill!! frown.

The children, and staff, enjoyed listening to the Christmas stories allowing the children to get even more excited for 25th December!!

Thank you Jude ~ please visit us again soon ~

Poet Paul Delaney visits Norman Pannell (17.1.17)

We were so lucky yesterday to have a visit and workshops from the fantastic Paul Delaney; the poet who is delivering a Poetry Festival across Liverpool! He began by telling poems during a whole school assembly (we cannot forget the hedgehog crossing...!!) and then worked with Years 3 and 6 throughout the day.

Our children became 'Poets' for the day and 2 children were picked out to attend the Poetry festival which will be held in a few weeks time! Annie Brown in Y3 and Lacey Caldwell in Y6 were picked and will now need to practise their poems as they will be reading them out in front of a large audience! smiley


Here is a quote from his email about our school and children:

Your pupils were amazing too, I thought - Y6 'sometimes' poems -
Hardly any Y6 classes make that rhyme - the standard was so high -
brilliant!! And Annie, just standing up in front of all those...
adults - priceless!!


Good Luck! and a huge thank you to Paul who is always welcome back to Norman Pannell to tell us some more amazing poems! Here is Paul's website for further information on his books frown


Reception - Y3 visit the author Nick Sharratt (3.2.17)

Norman Pannell Primary years Reception to Y3 had the most magical opportunity to meet one of the leading children's authors called Nick Sharratt on Friday. He showed us how he illustrates his books and how he writes them!

We were all given a piece of paper and he told us step by step what to do when drawing new characters. Nick then went on to read some of his books to us and there was audience participation!

The highlight of the afternoon came when Mr Howard won the 'how many bagels can I balance on my head' competition!! It was touch and go at one point but he won in the end!

A super afternoon!

Creative Week (27.3.17) 'What if...?' by Anthony Browne

This week we have been learning about a book called "What if...?" by Anthony Browne. The book is about Joe who is feeling anxious about attending his first birthday party and has lost the invitation! Whilst looking for the correct house his imagination starts to run wild!

All the year groups from Nursery up to Year 6 have been doing writing activities around this book. The displays in the little hall are showcasing some of the work done from birthday cards in Nursery, to poems in Y4 to headline reports in Y6. All the children in Norman Pannell have had a week of writing as well as philosophical talks around the starter "what if...?". The children have immersed themselves in art and crafts to enhance their learning about the book including making a chocolate cake in Year One to Piggy cakes in Reception.

Have fun looking at the amazing work produced by some of our children and take your time at the Reading Breakfast to read some of the reports generated around the book.

Liverpool Primary Schools' Poetry Festival (4.5.17)

Liverpool Primary Schools' Poetry Festival

A huge well done to our two fantastic poets who attended the first Poetry Festival in Liverpool last night. They did an amazing job!

Paul Delaney hosted this festival, reading out his poems and making everyone laugh! Norman Pannell were one of 9 schools who attended this event ~ and both Annie and Lacey had to read their poems out infront of parents, children and 2 judges!

Annie Brown in Y3 read out her poem called "I love..."

Lacey Caldwell in Y6 read her poem called "Sometimes"


Well Done girls! Amazing ambassadors for Norman Pannell ~ we are so proud of you.

Draft English Policy 2014