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Science Statement


In Norman Pannell we are committed to providing a Science Curriculum that provides children with a sense of awe and wonder.

See our policy below for more information. There is also a curriculum map to explain which topics each year group covers.

Useful websites for parents and children.

Year 6 during Science making scabs!

Year 6 learning all about the circulatory system.

Year 5 become parachute designers investigating air resistance



Light puppet show - Year 6

Still image for this video

Nanny Marion is having trouble with her biscuits, her biscuit always crumbles in her tea. Poor Nanny Marion never gets to eat her biscuits!

Today Year 2 experimented which biscuit is best for dunking, each group had 5 biscuits and put each one to the dunk test! Ask your child how many dunks their biscuits lasted.

Nanny Marion will be so pleased!

The year 2 children experimented the different ways a solid can change shape using play doh.

Learning about plants in year 3 


Year 3 enjoyed planning an investigation about plants and what they need in order for them to grow. The children each have a plant which they will observe over the coming weeks. 

Gardening club

Today Jimmy and Gardening club planted potato's which will be ready to harvest in 8 weeks.

Science week

Year 5 got to set the Headteacher of Gateacre School on fire as well as Mrs Size!  They had lots of fun with Mr Creed investigating what happens to certain gases when they come into contact with fire.  

Setting Mrs Size on fire!

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Year 3 investigating what happens to food in acid and alkaline. They also worked with light and used equipment to change its colour and direction.

Science week

This week Years 1 & 2 we were invited to Gateacre to see how the human body works and how much energy is in the foods we eat. 

It's Science week! We had an Astrophysicist pay us a visit from Hope University, he explored the solar system and beyond with Years 3 & 4.

Year 4 visited the science department at Gateacre school today, the children took part in an experiment using paper clips, an iron bar, wire and an electric power pack.  Ask the children how they got on and what they discovered!

The Digestive System

Year 4 have been learning all about the digestive system, how it looks and what each organ does.  

yr4 vid2.mp4

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Santa needs HELP!!!

On the 06/12/2016 Years 2 &3 were invited to Gateacre High School, to help Santa out. His sleigh wouldn't stop and he didn't know how he was going to deliver all the presents to the children. So he asked the children of Norman Pannell to help. Santa needed the children to design a parachute so he could drop the presents out of the sleigh.  Please follow the link to see the pictures.

Maths within Science

Here is some of the work that Years 2, 3 and 5 have done in Science with Maths integrated into their work.  

Year 2

Year 3

Year 5

Year 5 1

 Investigating Magnets. 

Class 3



Nursery have been outside this week observing and exploring the changes that the autumn season has brought! We talked about the changing colours of the leaves and how they have fallen off the trees. Year 2 even taught Nursery a new word - they told us that some trees are called 'evergreen' because their leaves stay green!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Year 3 have been learning all about Volcanos and this week were able to experience what happens when a Volcano erupts.  

year 3.mp4

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Year 5 have recently experimented how best to make a rocket move.  They made rockets out of paper and card, the rockets were all different in some way.  A balloon was then blown up and attached to the rocket and let go.  They measured how far the rocket flew down the string.  Year 5 recorded their results and will discover which rockets flew further than the others and why they think this happened. 


In gardening club we planted these sunflowers and just look at how big they have grown. We are hoping they grow this big again next year.

All about Space!

Today we had a very special guest in to talk about Space. He works at Hope University in the Astrophysics department. He did an amazing assembly for the whole school which was filmed for a promotional video for the University. He is also providing a workshop on Space for Year 5.   

Year 5's workshop with the Astrophysics department

Primary Science Quality Mark.


On the 5th September this year Norman Pannell School was awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark in Silver! Thanks to all the hard work of the staff and children.

Below is our application which celebrates all the wonderful science teaching that happens in our school. Thanks to Mrs Kelly for all your help in creating this enormous document of evidence.

In November, Mrs Kelly and Miss Threadgill will attend the awards ceremony in Manchester.

Science Week!

Norman Pannell had an exciting and fun Science Week. We had a Star Dome in on Tuesday and we learnt all about the planets and the stars. On Monday we had a visitor from John Moore's University who made planets with us out of Play-doh. We carried out lots of exciting investigations including making volcanoes, moving rockets and much more. On Friday, Science club ran a Science Fayre. We made predictions and found out all about fair testing.

Today some representatives from the owl sanctuary came in to school to show us the birds. We learned a lot about the different types of owls. We had great fun!

Science Policy 2016-17

Draft Science Policy 2015-16
Curriculum Map for Science.