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If you are interested in your child attending Norman Pannell Primary School, please contact the school. Before making such an important decision, we would highly recommend that you visit the school, where Mr. Simpson (Headteacher) or another Senior Leader will be very pleased to take you and your child on a tour of the school.  This will allow you to understand how and where your child will spend each school day, meet the teacher and give you and idea of the atmosphere and expectations of Norman Pannell.  It also helps to settle any nerves your child may have about moving to a new school, as he/she will see smiling, friendly faces and lots of interesting and exciting activities.


Admission forms are obtained from the school office, where staff will also help you to purchase school uniform which we sell at cost price.


You can contact the school via telephone or e-mail in order to arrange a visit (see 'About Us' - 'Contact Details')


Being a Liverpool Community Primary School, we are subject to the local authority's admissions arrangements.  The following document gives guidance on entry to our school: