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Year 6 Parents (delayed re-opening)

This page is for parents and carers of Year 6 children only.


Following the Local Authority announcement on concerns about the safety of schools returning, governors have decided NOT to open to Year 6 children on 15th June as we have been planning.  We have put in a tremendous amount of work to prepare for this date and have been looking forward to seeing Y6 children after such a long time out of school.


I would like to be able to e-mail ALL Y6 parents with updates.  Our text system only allows a limited number of characters, whereas e-mail allows us to send longer, more detailed messages; therefore it is important that you respond if we do not have your e-mail address.


Thank you for your opinions so far.  Please fill in the form below to let us know your updated thoughts on your child returning to school as and when this happens.  How are you thinking about this?  For example:

  • I am sure that my child will return as soon as school re-opens.
  • I am sure that I do not want my child to return to school when it re-opens.
  • I have not decided whether my child will return yet.
  • It is important to know that parents will NOT be fined or face intervention from education welfare if they decide to keep their children at home, until the end of this academic school year.

When you tell us, please give us a brief explanation or your thinking - EVERY opinion is relevant and important, and no opinion is wrong!  This is a very difficult decision, so your views as a parent are very important.  Knowing roughly how many children are likely to be in school is crucial for us to form safe and detailed plans for the safety of children and staff.


Thank you very much for helping us to help you and your child.

Y6 Parent Survey on re-opening of school

We will reply to your message as soon as we can.