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Year 5

Map Work - testing our knowledge of continents and oceans

We adventured out into the community today. Using maps to find our way and to find key areas as part of our Geography fieldwork.

We really enjoyed our trip to Delamere forest.  We spent the morning building shelters with Ben, our fantastic ranger.  We thought about what materials we would need to build the shelter and what we needed the shelter to protect us from.  We are now experts in Y sticks and leaf litter!


In the afternoon, we hunted out the Gruffalo.  We followed trails through the forest thinking about the human and physical features of geography we could see.  We stopped along the way and carried out a risk assessment for camping in the forest over night.


Back in class, we spent time putting all of our new geography knowledge into journey books that we have proudly displayed in school.  Ask us about what we learnt in the forest, we love to talk about it!