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Wellbeing Wednesday

Wednesday 24th February 2021 is our third 'WELLBEING WEDNESDAY'.  Please read the parent letter below for details:

Don't forget to tell your child's teacher what you have done, by sending them an email, posting a picture / video on Twitter #NPWellbeingWednesday and/or joining the class meet in the afternoon to celebrate what you have done with friends.


Class Google Meets in the afternoon will be at the following times:

Nursery (Mrs. Ghader):  2:15pm

Reception (Miss Gold):  2:00pm

Year 1 (Miss McCallion):  1:45pm

Year 2 (Mrs. McMaster and Mrs. Brown):  1:30pm

Year 3 (Mr. Stenson):  2:00pm

Year 4 (Mrs. Size & Mrs. Singhania: 2:45pm

Year 5 (Miss Lamont):  2:30pm

Year 6 (Miss Harrison):  3:00pm


Children do not HAVE to speak or show off what they have done, but we would like to see as many children joining as possible, as with the usual class meets.