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Planting Bulbs

This week in Gardening club we were joined by a group of people from the Active Community Enterprise, who helped us plant some bulbs. 

Prize Money

With the prize money we received, £75, from the competition we have bought new gardening equipment. 

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WE WON!!!!



Gardening Club won 3rd place in a competition from Food for Thought. Miss Threadgill and Gardening Club to put a bid in to win money to buy gardening equipment that we desperately needed.


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Getting ready for winter!

Last week we, Gardening club started again and Jimmy came into school to help us clean out the reading garden. Last years gardeners helped aswell and were able to pull up the pumpkins that we had planted last year. Year 6 also came and help clear the weeds and tidy the garden up aswell. Thank you to all that helped. 

Three weeks now and the new gardening club will start! I have 18 places. I shall be sending letters out in the next week. I would like children from Years 2, 3 and 4 this time. We will be looking after the gardens and tree areas around Norman Pannell. Already we are seeing the bulbs starting to develop from Gardening Club last term. It's an exciting time of year for planting and growing! We're very lucky to have a volunteer gardener to help us this term. Thank you Ellie.  If any parents/carers would like to get involved, please contact Miss Threadgill in the Year 2 classroom.

Thank you.

Gardening club will start again after the Spring Term break. There are limited places so make sure you get your consent forms back as soon as possible.

Gardening club is run by Miss Threadgill for Years 2 and 3. It is for an hour after school every Tuesday evening up until November. It then begins again in March when the light evenings and better weather start again.

We have lots of exciting projects this year. Parents are welcome to come and help. Just let Miss Threadgill know before hand so she can get you a pair of gardening gloves!

We have been planting bulbs ready for Spring.