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Back to School Booklet for Parents/Carers

This is a parent/carer guide to supporting your child, yourself and your family with managing worry about going back to school.

We hope that this booklet gives you some hints and tips on managing your own thoughts and feelings, you will also find suggestions/links for activities/games which you can do with your family or alone if you prefer. A similar booklet has been produced for schools and your child may be looking at some of these activities with their teacher if they are currently in school. If they are in school and using the children’s version, you may find it helpful to talk to your child about some of the things in this booklet and the things they have been doing at school. If they are not back at school you can use this resource to begin to prepare them for going back.

The national school closures have been put in place to keep us all safe and to support the NHS in managing the spread of Covid-19.


We are aware that this extended period of time, with families stuck in their own home, will put severe pressure on children and parents, affecting physical and mental health, and affecting relationships.  If you have any issues, please use this page to find out about different types of help that is available to you.

Contact Norman Pannell's Safeguarding Team

If you are need to discuss something related to safeguarding, or if you need somebody from school to contact you, please fill in this simple form below and either Mr. Simpson, Mrs. Denton, Mrs. McMaster or Miss Gold will get back to you as soon as we can.