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ALL OTHER year group parents (re-opening NO EARLIER than 29th June)

At Norman Pannell, governors have agreed to follow the Liverpool Local Authority plan for the re-opening of schools.  The timeline of Liverpool school re-opening differs from the general timetable set out by the government.


It is important to note that the Liverpool Local Authority plan, and the plans of the government are subject to change, in response to any changes in the spread of the virus locally or nationally.


At present, the Liverpool plan states that Year 6 children will start back on Monday 15th June.


After 2 weeks, from 29th June, 'other selected year groups' may be invited back.  The government have stated that this will be Year 1 and Reception across the country.  This may well be the case in Liverpool as well, although this has not yet been finally confirmed (as of 31/5/20).  Liverpool LA will continue to monitor the local state of the Covid situation and respond accordingly in order to ensure the safety of children, staff and families.


We are currently working hard on risk assessments and safety measures, including social distancing, PPE, enhanced cleaning provision and new drop-off / pick-up routines for parents.  This will ensure we are ready for the extension of opening for other year groups and increased pupil numbers.  School will feel different to your child, but we will do everything possible to respect new safety measures, while supporting your child to feel comfortable and happy.


It is ESSENTIAL that we know parents' views on this.  We will be phoning parents in the coming week to check in, discuss opinions, answer questions and address any concerns.  We need to know in advance how many children will be returning, as we need to take very careful measures to set classrooms up and ensure we have sufficient staff to maintain new social distancing measures.


We will be encouraging parents to send children in once their child's year group is invited back; however, it is important to stress that we do understand the anxieties of parents and children, and parents who decide not to send their child back will not be pursued for attendance or face fines for non-attendance for at least the rest of this academic year.


To help us, please fill in the form below to let us know your thoughts on your child returning to school.  How are you feeling about this?

For example:

  • I am sure that my child will return as soon as school re-opens.
  • I am sure that I do not want my child to return to school when it re-opens.
  • I have not yet decided whether my child will return yet.


When you tell us, please give us a brief explanation or your thinking - EVERY opinion is relevant and important, and no opinion is wrong!  This is a very difficult decision, so your views as a parent are very important.  Knowing roughly how many children are likely to be in school is crucial for us to form safe and detailed plans for the safety of children and staff.


Thank you very much for helping us to help you and your child.

Parent opinion on re-opening of school

This is for all parents EXCEPT Y6 parents (separate form)